You have a shiny new Xbox One. You are wondering what is the best games to get for your buck. Well here you go. Our top picks for the new machine are as follows.


Blizzard made a team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter? A few years ago that would have sounded very strange but they did and they did it very well. In a year full of Titanfall, Call of Duty and Battlefield, this game managed not to only stand out but arguably lead the pack in 2016. Overwatch has changed what to expect from the team-based shooter. Each character is unique with a wide range of gameplay. A must buy.


Titanfall was before current Call of Duty. In fact the current Call of Duty is pretty much a clone of the original Titanfall. This time around it is a better game. It has added new Titans, new weapons, and new abilities. There is even a very compelling single-player campaign. After you are done playing with yourself there are tons of other game modes to play multiplayer with.


People have been waiting for this game for decade. I am not sure any game is worth a 10 year wait but this game is pretty awesome. Final Fantasy XV got rid of menus for real-time combat system that’s built around a central warping mechanic. There is a deep story as well.


This is the indie game that could. It totally took over the PlayStation 4 and now it is on the Xbox One. Half flying car & half soccer; its a game you have to play to understand. The hype about the action is real though. BUY IT!


The Forza Horizon is the latest and best entry thus far. Horizon is the offers arcade type of the franchise. There are hundreds of cars to choose from and you can also go off-road. That means you have the freedom to take those cars anywhere you want. They even have a Fast and Furious movie tie-in. It’s not like the classic Burnout or the sometimes fun Need for Speed but it’s worth the buy.


The Gears of War was almost there from the start of the Xbox. It took over where the Halo franchise left off. Gears of War: Judgement sucked. No other way to put it. It was a bad game that should have just been a DLC. That said; The Coalition has done a great job in breathing life back into Gears of War. The gameplay of Gears of War bring it back home and the story is actually original. stop reading and go buy this already.