Super Bowl 51 is not that far off. Honestly I have not been excited about a Super Bowl in a long time. The past few years it has been about the ads. This year will be different. The Tom Brady revenge tour is headed to the Super Bowl and a collision course with Roger Goodell. So this year that drama in conjunction with that and new commercials will make it a great viewing night.

Lexus could not wait until the big day. They have already released their Super Bowl ad for this year. That is a full two weeks before the actual event. Lexus tried to get a jump on others. While the brand new car series looks amazing. The commercial is pretty average.

The commercial is called Man and Machine and features a man side by side next with the new car. Lil Buck one of the most creative dancers around. In this commercial he dances around around a 2017 Lexus LC model. That is it. The whole thing is over pretty quick and not creative. It is a waste of a talented dancer. Nothing else happens. You don’t even get to see the car drive anywhere.

I guess Lexus feels the car speaks for its self. The new LC 500 and LC 500h will join the Lexus lineup starting this year. In 2018 Lexus will add a new flagship car for you in 2018. They will release a fully redesigned Lexus LS 500 luxury sedan. The song is from advertising favorite Sia. The song is Move Your Body from This Is Acting. Super star Minnie Driver does the voiceover in Lexus new ads.

By Rubens Saintel

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