BMW has been making some quality cars for a while now. The Group has published a video showcasing what it seems for its future in the next 100 years. To say that the demonstrated cars were out of this world is an understatement.  However some of the technologies in the video are headed into 2017 models of BMW cars. This is not the first time that a company has released a video showing its roadmap. Videos were released by Samsung and Microsoft in the past. The Microsoft in particular is amazing.

BMW has one main direction. One single goal for its future transportation vehicles.  To develop vehicles that are “active partners” in our lives. They want their cars to be as helpful as your smartphone is today. For a car to be able to effectively help in everyday situations some key concepts have to be transferred from a dream to reality. They are active networking, Autonomous driving, innovative security features, individuality, it has to be electric. The cars featured in the BMW Vision Next 100 roadmap video are, Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, Next 100 Vision MINI and BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100.