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Battery life is a main feature for almost any device that we own.  Or consider purchasing.  For example, when you buy a new phone, you take into consideration how long the battery will last.  How long can you be away from a power source and not have to worry about your device?  Phones have come a long way.  And what’s incredible is how long we can use the phones before having to charge them because of all the fancy things we can now do with our phones.  From running apps, to listening to music, to literally almost anything – it is almost constantly running.  And do people actually power their phones off for an extended amount of time any more?  My guess is no, so they’re constantly running.  And that’s why I find the battery capability incredible.

So why does the Nintendo Switch have such bad battery life?  It amazes me, sometimes how we have advanced so far with technology and still have these kinds of issues.  But a poor battery doesn’t deter Switch owners from wanting to play.  And it doesn’t sound like it’s hindered Nintendo sales either, so someone must be doing something right.  I always go back to my argument around brand loyalty.  You have to be so loyal and such a power user, for something like battery life to deter you from purchasing a system.  And I think that’s amazing… and in this case, so does Nintendo.

But a solution has been born.  Called the SwitchCharge, you can now charge your Nintendo Switch through a case.  Is this a genius move or a money grab?  While not released by Nintendo itself, it makes you wonder what the benefit is to Nintendo?  There’s the possibility that in order to produce a battery that would support the Switch, Nintendo would have had to put in a lot of money.  And maybe it’s not worth it. Or is the Switch is such a heavy system in terms of its processing capabilities, that there is no battery option strong enough? Either way, a deficiency in the product has created a market for ways to fix this issue.  And at $85 a pop, people might just be on board with this.   The good news is that this case is not that far off.  The bad news is that, they still need financial backers to finish the product.

switch charge

The battery case doesn’t just extend the battery capabilities, it also gives you a better kick stand and it changes the location of the charging port, allowing people to charge while playing.  The battery case extends the life of the battery from 2 hours up to 12 hours.  Can you imagine 12 uninterrupted hours of playing with the Switch? My guess is most of you are saying yes, but I can’t imagine anything for 12 uninterrupted hours, other than maybe sleep.  My question to you though, is whether or not these improvements will make you want to buy the case?  Or does an add on like this deter you from the initial purchase to begin with?


My guess is that this type of advancement only helps Nintendo.  But will consumers be that forgiving the next time around?  I understand that there might be technological issues with an advanced battery, but I wonder if the next version will be better?  Or if there will be a next version?  Or how far off the next version will be?  My hope is that Nintendo improves the product so that consumers don’t have to pay an additional $85 to extend the life of a battery that should last more than two hours to begin with.

By Staff Writer

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