Tomorrow at the Nokia the company  Capital Markets Day, CEO Stephen Elop is expected to announce Nokia’s smartphone strategy. Everyone  is thinking that they will change operating systems. Rumor has it that Elop, Microsoft’s former business unit chief, will align Microsoft with Nokia.

Could there be  Nokia-branded Windows Phones on the way?  Mr. Elop said that Android, MeeGo, and Windows Phone were all options.  He went on to say “We need to be in the United States in one way, shape or form,” said Mr. Elop.  I have to agree. When is the last time you saw or even thought about buying a Nokia phone? iOS and Android are the systems that are running the mobile market at the moment.  I do not think Windows Mobile has proved to be the hot Microsoft was hoping for. Two sinking ships together is just one big mess.

By Rubens Saintel

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