NBA Jam by EA Sports has made its way into the App Store. The game is just as fun as it way years ago and includes all of the current NBA teams, filled with some current stars as well as stars from the past. You have to beat challenges to unlock certain older players but it is fun enough to make it worth your while. Also available are in-app purchases that will allow you to gain access to even more items in the game.

The game  is a good remake of the SNES version. The controls are easy to use and the action is non-stop.  Check out the video and screenshots, then go get your dunk on!  It’s $4.99 in iTunes  now

Pro: Hello?! It’s NBA JAM!

Con: No iPad version yet.

Cost: $5

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This is a great game. They have not changed much because not much needed changing.  $5 is worth it.

iTunes Link: NBA JAM

By Rubens Saintel

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