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I am a relatively new Apple Watch user.  But I find that when I check my watch for a notification, I appear to be giving off a rude vibe to those with me. That, however is not my intention. Maybe I need to be a bit more cognizant of how I’m using it and when. For example, instead of checking it as soon as it buzzes on my wrist I could wait for a pause in the conversation. That being said, are people without smart watches being too sensitive?

Before having a smart watch, I would see people checking theirs all the time and it honestly never phased me. But I’m finding is that people see it as a rude gesture.  Like I’m checking the time because I want to leave the conversation.   Which leads me to wonder if people are too sensitive, or if I am being rude.  In defense of smart watch users everywhere, just because you’re checking the notification doesn’t mean you need to leave.  Or have somewhere else to be.  My watch buzzes to tell me of an upcoming event in my calendar.  I am horrible at remembering things, so without this, I might miss appointments.  That 10 or 15 minute warning on my wrist could make a world of difference.  So what’s the big deal?

In an age where we are constantly connected to our devices, this is just another way of doing it.  And a more subtle one I would argue.  Previously, the notification would come up on my phone.  I would need to have sound on in order to be alerted to it.  If I set it to vibrate, my entire desk could vibrate.  Or worse, the table during a meeting.  This way, I can feel the alert on my wrist and depending on what I’m doing have the ability to check it or not.  If the meeting is centered around me (and they tend to be), I don’t check the notification.  But it’s also nice to have  a quick glance and know what is going on.  Is it an important message or notification?  Or is it something that can be ignored?

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If it’s important, and you do check it, you could excuse yourself for a moment to respond.  Is that rude?  Maybe it is to some people.  But we are all constantly multi-tasking.  Which in itself is a bad idea, but how is this really rude?  If it was just a watch that only told time, I could be checking to make sure that the meeting isn’t going over time.  And how is it any different from looking at the clock on the wall?  Checking the time, in my opinion, isn’t about needing or wanting to be somewhere else.  It’s about being cognizant of someone else’s time in an attempt to be considerate.

Maybe checking the messages on your smart watch is rude, but I actually think that people are being a bit too sensitive.  If you’re out on a date, and you’re constantly checking your watch then that’s rude.  There are many situations where you want and need to give someone your full attention.  But it’s not the end of the world if you look down at your wrist to see what the notification is.  In some cases, it might save you from missing an appointment, going to an important meeting or not missing a deadline.  What do you think?  Is it rude to check the notifications on your smart watch?

By Staff Writer

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