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Apple is extremely concerned about your sleeping habits.  So concerned, in fact, that they have acquired the company Beddit.  Beddit offers a sleep tracking app and additional hardware to help you understand your sleeping habits.  But is this something that consumers will want?  Especially since it requires additional hardware.  Which is available for sale in the Apple store for $149.  Which raises the question of whether or not you want to spend that kind of money in order to improve your sleeping.  If I just look at it from a financial perspective, then I’m going to say no.  But someone very close to me always reminds me that you can’t put a price on health.  And getting enough sleep is paramount to being healthy.

Money aside, I actually think this is a good device.  I personally am not a fan of wearing my Apple Watch to bed in order to track my sleep.  Further, I’m not a fan of sleeping close enough to my phone so that it can detect my sleeping habits.  I tend to flail around when I sleep, or so I’ve been told.  This is definitely something that I’ve done my entire life, but it hasn’t changed as an adult.  Which could leave me throwing my arm against a wall/headboard or hitting my boyfriend in the face.  Yes, all scenarios that have occurred without a watch on my wrist.  So I’m not a fan of that option.  I also used to sleep with my Fitbit on to see how I was sleeping, and I found that my Fitbit would often come off.  Leaving me not a fan of this option.

The other option of sleeping next to my phone is ok, but I typically leave mine on my night side table.  And I wonder if it’s actually going to detect and subsequently track my sleeping habits?  So I think that this would be unreliable.  But maybe I’m underestimating what my iPhone can do.  Either way, I’m not sure that this is a viable option either.  Which is why I like the idea of this additional “hardware”. Hardware sounds ominous.  Essentially, it is just a strip of plastic that would go underneath your sheet.  I wonder though, if it would detect your partners sleeping habits as well, and therefore skew the results?  Unless you have a fancy mattress where you don’t feel your partners movements.  Note to self, I need one of these for my boyfriend.


What is also neat about this sleep tracker is that it can detect if you’re snoring.  I think maybe my favourite feature about the tracker is that you can look at what you did that day, and how it affects your sleep.  For example, if you drank a beer that day, the tracker will deduct from your overall sleep health.  Which, in theory, could help you make better choices.  The one that I would suffer from a lot is being too hot.  I often find myself waking up extremely warm, and then unable to get back to bed.  This happens more often than not when I’m sleeping somewhere that isn’t my own bedroom (family, friends, hotels etc.).  I’m not exactly sure how it measures stress, but another really cool feature and one to help you understand how it affects your sleep.

I think this is a really cool device.  I don’t necessarily like the price, but I recognize that it could help people.  The only thing I could see happening is people not using the data to improve their sleep habits.  I know a lot of people who think that 3 or 4 hours of sleep is adequate, so I wonder how they would feel about this device?  I’m glad to see that Apple has purchased this as I think it will make people more aware of it.  I also think that it is a beneficial tool and we should utilize these where ever possible.  After all, you can’t be productive if you’re not sleeping enough.  My problem might be that I sleep too much.  Maybe it’s just what’s going on in my life, but I know that I’m not sleeping well right now.  Maybe I should give this a try!

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