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Apple surpassed Fitbit as the world’s largest wearable vendor with an estimated 3.5 million shipments of its Apple Watch.  And that’s just for the first quarter.  Fitbit only shipped 2.9 million of it’s fitness trackers.  This number is up from the same quarter last year.  With Apple only having sold 2.2 million during that time, last year.  Which is incredible, right?  And what is causing this boom?  Who is using them?  And why aren’t people buying Fitbits any more?  My guess is that it’s because you can’t do the same things on your Fitbit.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does raise a few questions.  At least for me.

2.9 million is certainly nothing to laugh at.  That is a lot of units.  And yes, the more advanced models of Fitbit can track more than just your steps.  But is that enough for people?  It does only allow you to track fitness, regardless of how you slice it.  And maybe that’s not enough for some people.  I myself made the switch late last year.  I was hesitant to switch at first.  What could I possibly do with an Apple Watch?  I have grown to love it, but I assumed it was just an expensive fitness tracker.  So why spend that much money on one?

But when it came down to it, the Apple Watch and the upper model Fitbit’s were in the same price range.  So is that what is helping Apple with it’s sales?  The Apple Watch, though, has a ton of capabilities.  From being able to iMessage (and text), to being able to play games and of course, being able to track your fitness.  But it doesn’t stop there, you can make phone calls and take pictures all from your watch.

But the feature that I like the most is just the notification aspect of it. Notifications for everything.  And I mean everything.  Notifications to remind you to breathe and when to stand up because you’ve been sitting too long.  Notifications letting you know how much activity you’ve done today, and how much more you need to go until you’ve met your goals.

apple watch shipments

I’m not suggesting that the Apple Watch is better than the Fitbit as it’s based on your preferences.  But based on the sales for this quarter, I’m not the only one who made the switch recently.  In fact, the number of Fitbits shipped last year, during the first quarter is down considerably.  And I mean way down.  With more and more apps being developed either solely for the Apple Watch, or becoming compatible with the watch, it’s no wonder that more people are buying these.

The way we communicate with the world, and each other is changing.  And at an extremely fast pace.  I think that the reason that the sales are up this quarter is because people want to stay connected with their friends and family, and this is a great way to do it.  In addition to what the Apple Watch can do, you can also track your fitness.  In my opinion, it seems like a no brainer.  I would argue that the Apple Watch has better fitness capabilities also, but that’s just my opinion.  Or is it?  I’d think that the sales for the Apple Watches back up my opinion.

By Staff Writer

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