According to the ACLU ; The Maryland Department of Corrections demanded that Officer Robert Collins  turn over his Facebook password during a job interview.  I can understand your user name. Fine look me up but why would you also need my password? Does anyone else not see the red flag?

As part of the department’s background check procedures, all new applicants and those seeking rectification are required to turn over usernames and passwords for social media accounts. This has set off alarms with privacy advocates who view this as a gross violation of an individual’s rights.  Thank you for them picking up on this. I wonder how long before other companies pick up on this.

The case will undoubtedly spark debate about whether or not a potential employer has the right to request access to your personal social networking accounts. This is not even an argument. The clear answer is and should always be: no. No they don’t. End of story

By Rubens Saintel

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