The cinderella story continues for the creators of Minecraft. This very addictive game is set to make it;s way to the iOS world then presumably Android tablets would have to be in the future too. I mean it just makes sence.  To say this game is a hit is like saying the iPad sold a lot of iPads. NO it sold a (#$#*) load and leads the market. The game Minecaft is still not know by the masses like Angry birds is but it has sold ridiculously well for a beta.

Markus Persson, founder of Mojang, the Swedish developer behind indie phenomenon Minecraft, has exclusively revealed to Gamasutra that an official iOS version of the hit game is currently in the works for iPhone and iPad. The game is being developed by Aron Neiminen and will be released later this year but no release date was said.  Persson said that the iOS edition will only be granted features that “make sense” for the touch-screen platform not every update.

Minecraft is currently in the beta  but over 1.3 million copies of the game have been purchased   and the site has over five million registered accounts.  The developer said his inspirations for Minecraft were Dwarf Fortress, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Dungeon Keeper. He said, “I knew from the start that I wanted it to be a fantasy resource-based first person adventure type of game, but it took quite a while to reach that point.”

By Rubens Saintel

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