Dear Netflix you are not the only streaming service on the block anymore. Amazon’s Prime service is not cheap if you look at the number. For a $79 annual fee, Amazon gives members unlimited, 2-day shipping on all eligible items purchased.  You can also get next day Saturday delivery for just $3.99.

Lets say you don’t really show on the web site to justify paying that $79 up front. Well now Amazon is also offering it’s  Prime members “unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows” from Amazon’s Video On Demand library.

So what you might say. Did you know Amazon is already part of most TV’s as an app. Even Tivo as Amazon on there. Roku has also announced that its Amazon Instant Video channel will be automatically updated to include the new, free feature for Prime account holders. True Netflix has a great lead on this area but give Amazon time.

Now lets tackle that price. $79 sounds like a lot but would you rather pay $95.88? Well that is just what you are paying with Netflix’s stream only service. At $7.99 a month a whole year comes to $95.88. So you see you are already paying 16.88 extra with out all the extra benefits of Amazon anyway. It might be time to make the switch. Although I am being a hypocrite. I love my Netflix and don’t see myself leaving but I will test out Amazon prime to see what it has to offer in terms of library.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. | |