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I am very interested in how people use technology in order to enhance their lives.  Sure, you might be thinking all technology enhances people’s lives.  And it does in some ways, but how are people using that technology and what is the outcome?  That’s what I find genuinely interesting.  Call me a nerd, or whatever you would like, but it really does drive me in a way to learn more.  For example – at what point did dating change?  Likely around the time that people realized that the internet would be a good tool to connect people.  Remember in the early 2000s when meeting someone online was taboo?  Remember how you were a social pariah if you couldn’t meet someone in person?

All of that has changed.  Why?  Technology!  Which is what I find so fascinating about it.  How did we get from point A to point B?  And how many people are in successful relationships as a result? There are so many dating apps on the market now.  Which one you choose will depend on what you’re looking for.  My further fascination around this particular topic is when apps become exclusive.  What is the measure for determining whether or not you can use a particular dating app?  How is that information verified?  Can I provide false information and still use the app? This is all very intriguing to me mostly because you’re using technology to complete an action.  Much like banking, but the end result could be very different.

blue by loveflutter

The purpose of my long preamble is to talk about a new app called “Blue”.  Blue is a dating app, but it’s exclusive to verified Twitter users.  With other dating apps, there is the concern that you might be cat fished.  But because this is linked to the Twitter verification process, the creators claim it’s authentic.  This is interesting to me because they’re targeting celebrities.  Which makes sense, however, just because you’re verified, it doesn’t mean that you’re a celebrity.  You might be a journalist or a media personality.  Further to that point, it is estimated that there are approximately 150,000 verified accounts.  Which makes your odds at finding someone pretty low.  The theory behind this app is to help celebrities find love.  But do they need an app to do it?

I’m not suggesting that celebrities don’t need to be in relationships, but I do question the merits of this app.  Should they focus solely on other famous people?  Or could a “commoner” match with a celebrity just as well?  I realize how this next statement might sound, but it’s like we put them into another category.  Yes, they’re famous, and they need to have their privacy.  But they’re also people, just like you and me.  So why exclude the possibility of them finding love?  Especially when the number of verified Twitter users is relatively low.

There are other apps that have the same functionality, so this might not actually end up taking off.  But again, I do find this extremely intriguing.  Can we rely on technology to find our potential romantic partners?  Is there science behind it?  Or is it just the luck of the draw?

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