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July might seem like it was a long time ago, now.  But let’s revisit it by looking at all the apps that were released during the month.  And there were a lot!

Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa
















First up is Lisa.  The name conjures up some different images for me, but this Lisa is an app that uses machine learning to help you pick the right image for your Instagram post.  If you’ve ever tried to select a photo to post on Instagram from a series of images that look really similar, you will appreciate Lisa.  Lisa uses an algorithm to select the most engaging image for you.  And what’s great about it, is it uses AI.

craftwork marketplace

Craftwork Marketplace

The Craftwork Marketplace features beautifully designed UI Kits and landing pages created by some of the best designers in the world.  Some of the designs are for sale at a reasonable price, but you can also get a handful of these UI assets for free.



Cryptominded is a directory of the best cryptocurrency resources out there. The site features a great starters guide, as well as useful collections like blockchain exporers, exchanges, price trackers and wallets.

luggage hero


This is something that I find really interesting.  LuggageHero is like the Uber for your luggage.  Well, close.  But if you’ve ever traveled and didn’t know where to store your luggage during your trip, LuggageHero can help.  LuggageHero allows you to store your luggage in local shops while you explore the city.  This is currently only available in London and Copenhagen, but I suspect this will catch on and become a must for many other cities and travelers alike.

remote starter kit

Remote Starter Kit

Remote Starter Kit makes the process of working remotely a lot easier.  On the site, you will find communication, organization, collaboration and security tools to make working remote ever so easy.



Do you often share your screen during a presentation?  How many times have you been sharing your screen when you receive an embarrassing email or notification?  Well, look no farther than Muzzle.  Muzzle lets you silence those embarrassing notifications when you are sharing your screen.

YouMap YouMap YouMap YouMap
















YouMap is an app that lets you connect more with the world around you.  Whether you want to get tips while exploring a new part of the world, find the local hotspots during a night out, or keep up with traffic and crime reports, this app does it all.



Gatsby is a super fast static site generator that offers a number of benefits compared to traditional dynamic website frameworks, including lower cost, a better developer experience, higher security and faster performance.



Hoodmap is a tool that lets you better understand the neighbourhoods around you.  Which, in my opinion, might only be useful if you’re traveling or are new to a city.  You can narrow down what you’re looking for by category – say hipsters, for example.  You will be shown on a map, where all the cool hipsters hang out.  Or just hipsters.  I guess calling them cool is ironic in this case, right?



This is the latest release from the folks at Spotify, which gives you some pretty neat analytics.  For example, it can tell you what times of the day you most frequently listen to music, or the vibe or your tracks.  It can also tell you your most love artists and genres, and even how danceable your music is.



Founder of Abstract, Josh Brewer says “Engineers have GitHub.  Sales teams have Salesforce.  Even our friends in marketing have Marketo as their home.  What about us designers?”  Well Josh, now you have a home.  Which you designed.  Called Abstract.  It’s a hub for team design, coordination, collaboration and feedback.

seeing ai seeing ai seeing ai seeing ai














Seeing AI

This is a really neat app for people with vision disabilities.  What it does is turn your surroundings into verbal descriptions. Which, gives the person the ability to know what’s going on around them.  This is an amazing use of AI.  Not only can it read text, it can also recognize people’s faces and then provide that information to the user.  It can also describe a scene or read information found on a product label.


Growbots Email Timing Optimizer

There are many companies out there who have products to help you know the best time to send emails and post on social media.  But Growbots Email Timing Optimizer takes it a step further by providing you additional information.  Like information on the recipients job position, what industry they’re in, the size of their company and even their time zone.  While this might be a helpful tool for marketing folks, the name could definitely be improved.



If you’re looking for seed funding, Datastarta is for you.  The Datastarta list will give you the contact information of 2,400 angel investors as well as their locations, LinkedIn profiles, investment criteria and investment score.

Dimmy Club is a simple tool that will help you create device mockups for your screen shots.  Upload whatever screenshot you want to use, choose a device, edit device and image colours.. and then you’re done!

Pitch Deck

Pitch Decks from Top Startups

If you’re raising money for your startup, one of the things you will need to do is create a pitch deck.  Which, I’m told, isn’t an easy task.  This particular resource provides you with access to more than 40 pitch decks from companies like Tinder, WeWork, Intercom, BuzzFeed, Dwolla, Mixpanel and Mattermark.  What an incredibly useful site for anyone looking to raise capital.

First Users

First Users

First Users is an incredible resource if you want to know how successful companies won over their first users.  We are talking about companies like Dropbox, Spotify, Etsy, Yelp and reddit.  The content in the site is on the lighter side, but it makes for an excellent starting point for startups that are trying to get an idea of how to build their audience.


Hire by Google

We have talked about this latest venture from Google on  But now it is available.  Google is trying to help businesses find and recruit great talent.  Recruiters can use this tool to customize their hiring process, optimize job listings through Google search, and schedule appointments easily.

Apple Machine Learning Apple Machine Learning















Apple Machine Learning Journal

According to Apple’s website “you can read posts written by Apple engineers about their work using machine learning technologies to help build innovative products for millions of people around the world.”  It sounds pretty straight forward, and innovative.  It’s giving people a platform to come together to write about machine learning, and learn from other people.




This isn’t your father’s cassette.  Or yours, if you’re of my generation.  This is a tool for anyone who wants to take better notes or find a faster way to transcribe conversations.  Simply record and Cassette will automatically transcribe the conversation for you.  You can also add notes at specific points throughout the conversation.

Slide Bean


If you’re like me, you spend more time picking out a template for your presentation, than you actually do on inserting the content.  Slidebean might be the solution for you.  (And me)  Use professionally designed templates to get you started so you only have to worry about populating your content.

Learn Anything Learn Anything

























Learn Anything

Mind maps are a good way to learn something new, or even just figure something out.  Learn Anything is like Wikipedia, but for visual learners.  Discover something new about a number of topics – from the environment to anthropology, to game development and natural language processing.


Plotograph lets you take a static photo and infuse life into them.  The photo galleries provide great inspiration as well.  I guarantee you’ll become addicted.



Grabient is a very useful design tool.  Simply select the gradient you want to use, generate the CSS, and then modify it as you see fit.  This is a great tool for anyone who uses gradients for their design work.



Figma is a cloud-based interface design tool that enables you to prototype and communicate with a team of people in real time. This is a great product if you’re working with multiple people on a design project and you want to reduce the friction of turning visual concepts into code.



This sales tool will help you generate leads and build relationships.  All you need is a Gmail account.  And who doesn’t have one of those these days?  You can personalize your own emails or use the templates provided for lead generation, content promotion or PR pitches.  A few of the neat features include automatic follow-ups and calendar optimization controls, which help you reach your leads at the best time.


Ghost 1.0

Ghost is a fully open source platform for building online publications. Ghost 1.0 enables you to build online blogs and publications seamlessly.  A live side-by-side comparison shows you in real time how your posts will look.  All content is searchable via robust tagging functionality, which makes finding old content super easy!

Hub by Amazon

Hub by Amazon

I feel like there’s no stopping Amazon at this point.  These, look like Amazon Lockers, but there is one distinct difference.  Lockers only allowed you to pick up packages for your Amazon orders.  But the new Hubs, however, give you the option to receive packages from anyone.

Ten Years Ago

Ten years Ago

This is kind of straight forward.  If you want to reflect on what happened on the internet ten years ago, this is the site for you.  It looks fun.  But it also looks like it would be one of those never ending adventures.  Have a look to see how much has changed?  Or how much has actually stayed the same.



Failory provides you with easy to read interviews with founders of failed companies.  This will give you some insight into what went wrong, and hopefully how you can avoid making those same mistakes.  This one is interesting in my opinion.  I think some people just need to fail or make those mistakes on their own.  No amount of telling you how not to make a mistake is going to help you.  But that’s just my opinion.

Book Authority


BookAuthority has collected thousands of book recommendations from thought leaders like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Laura Klein.  All you have to do is select from an area of interest, and you’ll get a personalized reading list.  You can also recommend books, keep track of what you’ve already read and save books you want to read in the future.

That’s a lot of products, services and apps for a month.  I can only imagine what August will bring us.


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