The iPad 2 will be shown tomorrow. That is now a given if everyone can be believed. Why would they not seeing as the invitation actually has an iPad on it. Notice how conveniently placed the number 2 date is on it as well. It is just showing enough for you to know it is an iPad but hiding enough for you to not see if there is a camera on the front.  So the iPad is real.

Now I will no waste your time with rumored specs. That has been done to death. Besides we have less than 24 hours to find out anyway.  One rumor I will touch on is that of the BBC was holding an event at the same time as the iPad 2 launch. Seems that is not the case at all.  According to  TiPb, the BBC is not having an event on March 2. With that said though, they have confirmed that Apple has booked a studio within the BBC Television Center for its own press event. As speculated by the site. This maybe the first use of Facetime for the iPad to be showed publicly.  Will the rumors of a camera this players perfect into that thinking.

By Rubens Saintel

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