donald trump

donald trump

I mean, it keeps getting better, doesn’t it?  I’m specifically talking about Donald Trump.  And by better, I am being super sarcastic.  ACT For America was originally coordinating 37 pro-Trump rallies across the United States.  These were scheduled for September 9th.  The good news is that they have been cancelled.  The bad news is that they’re still happening, but now online.  I say this is bad news because, well, they’re still happening.  For those of you who don’t know ACT For America is a pro-Trump and anti-Muslim hate group best known for its “March Against Sharia” in June.  The cancellations are, of course, due to the recent violence in both America and Europe.

Maybe it’s harsh for me to say this, but I’m going to anyway.  Isn’t this a bit like they’re hiding?  I mean, sure, be vigilant when it comes to protesting.  But if you’re willing to take your protest online, is it really having the impact that it should?  Like always, I’m not supporting this group, or any group that spews hate.  But as someone who has a deep need to understand and analyze, I have to ask the question.  Regardless of the cause, doesn’t the idea of protesting in person make a bigger impact?

A couple of years ago there was a protest against farmers and the Government of Canada.  The farmers didn’t like some rule that the Federal Government was coming out with.  So they decided to protest.  But, in my opinion, it didn’t send the message.  The protest involved hundreds of farmers driving their tractors on Ontario’s busiest highway.  This caused all kinds of congestion for morning commuters.  But it didn’t have the impact that the farmers intended, in my opinion.  Why?  Because the politicians voting on the bill were hundreds of miles away, in another city.  Sure, they probably received calls at their constituency office, but honestly, does that make an impact?

My point is, that if you want to protest something.  Or in this case, support something, shouldn’t you do it in person?  There is also part of me that thinks that people should stand up for their beliefs.  And even if I don’t agree with the people at the pro-Trump rallies, that’s their prerogative.  Hiding behind the internet, however, tells me that they are scared.  It also tells me that they’re not looking to make an impact.  They’re simply looking to stir the pot.  Which, I don’t agree with.

boston protestors

My point is echoed by the fact that pro-Trump demonstrators were vastly outnumbered in Boston over the weekend.  Which only helps my argument that these people are afraid.  But what it does suggest, and this makes me happy, is that Americans are ready to stand up against hate and racism.  Especially in a public setting.  There were approximately 40,000 anti-fascist demonstrators in Boston over the weekend, where as there were only about 100 fascists.  Perhaps these people will always feel the way they do.  I’m not trying to change that myself.  What I think Boston proved, however, is that the good outweighs the bad on this topic.  And the good want to be heard.

Maybe more than just being afraid, this group doens’t necessarily have the following.  As of today’s RSVP count there were only about 30 people attending.  Including 3 in Washington, DC.  How is that going to have an impact?  How is that intimidating?  That’s literally just going to be two guys (or girls) walking down the street with signs, randomly shouting things.  That’s not even the makings of a rally, or protest or whatever you want to call it.  This kind of outcome, in my opinion, only makes sense.  Especially after what happened in Charlottesville a few weeks ago, and how the President responded to those incidents.  Maybe there are fewer Trump supporters out there.  Or maybe they’re just afraid of the backlash for coming out as a Trump supporter?

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