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Philips just announced several updates to their HomeKit compatible smart home lighting system, Hue.  Their new starter kits offer better value for money.  Which is extremely important.  Especially when we see these really cool smart devices.  And of course, we want them for our homes.  They are more efficient, but it’s not always clear if there is a cost savings through purchasing them.  That being said, the original Philips White and Color Ambience kit has three bulbs and a hub for $180.  The new generation adds a fourth bulb and sells for $199.  he new white ambience kit sells for $150 and the cheapest entry point into the Hue ecosystem is now the White starter kit for $99, which features 4 A19 white bulbs and a hub.  Which sounds like it’s might be more reasonable for folks.

Hue also announced that the new suspension and ambience ceiling Hue lights will go on sale starting in October.  This is in addition to selling the multi-pack bulbs for the first time.  That’s the four standalone bulbs, without the hub.  Yes, it is all kind of confusing.  Philips Hue is considered to be a market leader in HomeKit lighting solutions, the HomeKit ecosystem is rapidly expanding.  They are adding more and more companies all the time, so this is a good time for Hue to change up their products and even drop the prices.

philips hue

The new Hue 4 pack starter kits gives customers more for their money, as they replace the 3 packs that were only marginally cheaper.  Philips has also announced that they will start selling bulbs without the hub.  Which only makes sense.  I mean, yes, you need the hub, but sometimes you just need a light bulb.  Am I right? I feel like this is obvious.  But with more competition on the market, they’re going to need to up their game and make some big moves. Which is why they’ve announced a new suspension fixture, which features the White Ambiance light.  It will retain for $229.

Hue integration with HomeKit means users can control brightness and colour from the Apple Home app on their iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.  They can also use voice commands through Siri’s HomeKit Integration. HomeKit is manufactured in a way so customers don’t have to change their whole house lights to the Hue brand.  You can start with one or two lights and expand later.  Or mix and match with lights from other manufacturers.

With technology moving the way that it is, do you see yourself installing these smart home options?  Or have you already?  I think I’ve mentioned before that I really like the idea of a smart thermostat.  But that’s because I live in a cold climate and I’m often away from my home for days at a time.  Maybe that’s too much information, but the point is, what if the temperature drops considerably when I’m gone?  With a smart thermostat, I can make adjustments so that something doesn’t happen in the home.  And I can see some benefit  with the lights, but not to the same extent.  Regardless, in a few years, these types of devices will be part of every home. In one form or another.  I’m glad to see more manufacturers emerging on the market, so that we have more diversity in terms of the products we purchase.

Philips Hue have been around since 2012, and obviously we have seen an improvement with the technology and value that they offer over time.  Which speaks volumes to the fact that they want a good product.  Even if you don’t have these in your home, or want them, it’s safe to say that the company is doing a good job of staying competitive and improving upon the product.


By Staff Writer

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