my cloud home

my cloud home

Western Digital’s My Cloud Network Attached Storage solutions are among some of the most consumer friendly options on the market.  Many of the other cloud enabled hard drives out there can be much more complicated and look like you have a server in your living room. Western Digital has been a trusted name in consumer storage for years, so it’s not much of a surprise that it would bring this kind of tech to the world.  If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, NAS drives allow you to store all of your files in one place.  In a similar way to having a hard drive.  Except you can access these files over the internet from anywhere.

I think I need to go out and get one of these, stat.  While some factors come into play with this one, your NAS potentially can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or laptop. I need one of these because I have multiple work locations, and not a really good way to access my files.  I back up my files regularly to my work’s servers, and keep a local copy on an external hard drive.  But my IT department doesn’t like that. But what can you do, when you have no other option?

Well now there is one.  Along with a new name, the updated My Cloud Home drives have a fresh new look, an easier set-up and a much improved companion app experience.  Which is hopefully going to make it easier to use.  Immediately, you’ll notice an updated design that has done away with the rounded corners and somewhat dated aesthetics of the previous generation My Cloud drives. The new versions have a much more block and sharp approach.  But do you really care what it looks like?  I mean, sure you want it to look cool, but is it that important to you?

my cloud home

So what makes this such a great idea?  Well, you can store everything in one centralized place.  The My Cloud Home device is literally home to all of your content.  That includes documents, photos and even videos.  Including stuff from your phone or tablet.  You can also access this information on the go.  For example – from your mobile device.  You can upload, or download right from My Cloud Home.  Which makes this super easy and convenient.  And if you’re using any kind of external storage device, My Cloud Home lets you plug right into it. Making it extremely easy.

If you’re super paranoid about your files, you could invest in the My Cloud Home Duo, which gives you a second hard drive for that extra peace of mind.  Is that necessary?  For some, I’m sure it is, but maybe for the average user this isn’t really necessary.  The 2TB model is already for sale on Best Buy’s website. Like I said before, I think this is a really incredible device.  It would honestly make my life so much easier, as I wouldn’t have to take files anywhere with me.  Which is currently how I operate.  But maybe this isn’t for everyone.  Perhaps some of the other cloud based tools out there work perfectly fine for you.  If I ever get myself more organized, I might seriously consider getting one of these.


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