BGR is reporting that  Research In Motion (RIM) is bring BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to Android and  iDevices.  When? We have no idea. Sometime this year is a pretty forgiving time frame. According to BGR’s sources, RIM has not yet come up pricing but it might be free. I do not think it will be free. They would have to charge for it. Just a reasonable one time fee. It would not be a smart move to charge a monthly fee for it. Less they want to give Apple a 30% cut each month.

RIM will offer stripped down versions of the BBM experience found on BlackBerry devices.  That means they would not be able to share photos, location, or videos. So it will be just text. Which all I want anyway. If you want to full deal of everything BBM has to offer you would have to get  a BlackBerry device.

By Rubens Saintel

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