I write a lot and for fun produce music & I used to dj at my university. In case you were wondering. Hip Hop a culture but few see it that way. Now it is the commercial fluff you hear on the radio and see on TV. Rap is the real Sh*t between the lines on an album that use great word play. Jay did this a lot. The Blueprint had H to the izo. (Fluff) but also had Renegade (rap). There is also more than rap/hip hop & R&B out there. I love those genres but go explore you might like it. There is a whole world of music out there. OK enough of the chit chat. Here is my Top 10 in no order and sorry people it’s not all Rap and R&B:

I. Shania Twain – Come On Over
This joint has gone over 20 x Platinum (You know you know this song)

II. Slick Rick-A Children’s Story
No one does stories like him. Some try but now no one does now. It’s just hooks no a days.

III. Pink Floyd- The wall
These guys know what they are doing. They are icons. If you have not heard of them go listen. ASAP. 27 Million Albums sold of just ”The Wall” This is like Thriller for white folk. It’s a must listen.

IV. Ray Charles-Genius Loves Company
If you have not heard of this CD you should not be even talking about music. I cannot say enough about how well written and produced this album is.

V. Dixie Chicks – ’Fly’
You speak up and say the president is wrong. Your people turn against you but you do it big anyway. This album was the truth.

VI. Usher-Confessions
It’s rare that you get to witness the transformation of an artist from a star to a super star. This album did that for Usher. Every single track was fire and personal. (Or seemed personal)

VII. Dr. Dre– Chronic 2000
They said he fell off, how his last album was the Chronic. Dr. Dre does it his way, when he wants and he is talented enough to get away with it. This is still a classic.

VIII. Michael Jackson– Bad
At this point you are like where is Thriller. Guess what? I didn’t like Thriller. Yeah I liked a few songs but as an album it didn’t do it for me. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, THRILLER, Beat It , Billie Jean that’s it. Four songs are not enough for me. Bad was the one that was hard to put down.

IX. The Beatles-The White Album
These guys just make good music. Wait, that is a lie. These guys make great music. Every song is a work of art. You know you are going to get quality when you see that name. It’s like if you see Busta Rhymes is on a remix to something. He seems to only be on tracks that are fire.

X. Jay-Z-The Black Album
He had a chance to do a Jordan but do it right. He was on top. His best well put together CD and he came back again anyway. Still mad at that. But unlike MJ. He got better. Not kingdom come. That was trash. His new one Blueprint 3 is his best work since The Black Album. It still stands as one of the best rap CD’s out there.

By Rubens Saintel

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