If you do a lot of travelling, you will understand the importance of learning “how” to travel.  And no I don’t mean how to stand in line at the airport.  But how to pack appropriately.  What kind of luggage to bring with you etc.  It’s not exactly easy.  There are a lot of things that you need to consider.  My biggest challenge is what kind of luggage to bring with me.  Regardless of where I go, or for how long, I tend to bring ONE suitcase.  And it’s kind of large.  But I always like to be prepared.  My boyfriend hates this one suitcase and often requests that I bring something else.  Especially when it’s just a weekend away.  That being said, if you do any kind of travelling you should check out the Valluse.


A combination of the words Value and Valise (which is french for suitcase), the Valluse is a triad of suitcases for the traveler. It is designed in three sizes, but with the ability to combine them into one.  Which sounds kind of confusing, when you first read that. The three suitcases that make up the Valluse are sized perfectly for taking on a plane.  The large suitcase is spacious and can easily be checked, while hte two smaller bags fit the dimension regulations for carry on, as well as cabbin luggage.

The creators of Valluse knew that three bags might be better than one, but carrying three bags can also be a bit of a nightmare.  That’s why the Valluse bags were designed to securely lock together, becoming one super bag that could easily be wheeled around as a single unit.  The Valluse united can be easily wheeled with just a single hand.  Giving you a free hand to do everything from calling a Lyft, to showing the airline personnel your ticket, or even chatting on your phone.


The modular Valluse suitcases come with a hard, Polycarbonate shell that’s virtually break-proof and dent-proof, and can take the roughest of treatment from luggage handlers and still look as good as new, while keeping your luggage inside well protected. A reinforced Aluminum frame gives the Valluse its shape, coupling with the Polycarbonate to increase durability. Designed to be used in 6 orientations (independently as well as together) the Valluse can be used for everything from long trips to short excursions. With a secure TSA approved lock and absolutely no zippers (the Valluse uses a gasket seal), the bags stay protected from not just theft but rough usage too, and the superior suitcase-interlocking system ensures that your luggage stays conveniently together and in place, much like your travel plans!

Does this sound like osmething that you would benefit from?  Or does it sound like just another suitcase system?  It actually looks great.  I feel like it would be beneficial for me when it comes to airport travel, but also would work out nicely when I take weekend roadtrips.  That way, I could select the size(s) that I needed for that particular trip, without feeling like I’m over packing.

By Staff Writer

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