As a woman, I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing or understanding the bi-fold wallet.  I must carry an over-sized wallet that holds literally everything, and it must go into a purse.  Now I’m not complaining because I don’t want to put an entire wallet in my pocket.  But I am saying that it would be nice to have known or understood what a bi-fold wallet was like.  But, a bi fold wallet is great.  As opposed to a tri fold wallet.  I know growing up, my Dad would typically have a tri fold wallet.  He seemed to prefer those, and maybe I like them because they remind me of him.


But, the bi fold wallet definitely has some advantages.  If they are made well, they manage to stay slim.  And most people think of a bi fold wallet when they hear the word “wallet”.  The Wally Agent by Distil Union has taken the traditional idea of a bi fold and has tweaked it just a little bit to combine good design and great craftmanship.  Made from hand-rolled full grain leather, the wallet manages to stay eye-defyingly slim while holding up to 30 bills along with 12 cards.  That sounds pretty incredible, right?


In addition, your 12 cards can be easily accessed via the Wally Pull Tab pockets.  And 30 bills?  That seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  I mean, you probably don’t carry much cash around any more, but if you do, this is definitely the wallet for you.   The Wally Agent was size-calibrated to fit different-sized notes from a variety of countries across all continents. When closed, the wallet measures just a mere 7mm (0.3 inches) in thickness, and comes fully NFC compatible, allowing you to tap your cards at payment portals without even taking them out of your wallet.


You can also get an RFID version of the wallet if that’s what you need.  The only downside, in my opinion is the cost.  It’s a bit steep, if you ask me.  I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to judge.  I have spent this kind of money on a wallet, but it was typically a designer, so it feels different.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  But the Wally will cost you $79.99 on Amazon.


You’re right, I am being cheap when I say this.  But I guess I’m thinking about brand too much, when I should be thinking about functionality.  And without sounding sexist, ladies wallets all kind of function in the same way.  Maybe not all, but they’re not typically designed for function.  I wonder, though, if men will find this to be a good deal?  It definitely looks slim enough to fit into a pocket.  Which is nice as you don’t want that bulky look on your behind.  And it’s stylish.  Which means you’re not going to have to worry about what you look like, or what other people think of you.  Overall, this looks like a must buy for the man in your life.  Maybe I will pick one up for my Dad so he can retire his antique tri fold wallet.

By Staff Writer

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