For those of you who have read any of my posts will know that I feel strongly about certain topics.  Equality is at the top of the list.  And while I don’t want to make this post (or any post) about me or my beliefs, I do think I need to speak my peace when it comes to certain topics.  Today’s is no different.  You might remember a statement that was made last week by Jemele Hill indicating that Donald Trump is a racist.  If you don’t remember, keep reading and we will fill you in.  Jemele is a co-host of the ESPN show “His & Hers”.  But now Jemele is getting flack from ESPN, or more importantly, she is being reprimanded for calling Trump a white supremacist.  ESPN was displeased that this is something she chose to tweet.

ESPN has made the following statement in reference to this incident:

The comments on Twitter from Jemele Hill regarding the President do not represent the position of ESPN.  We have addressed this with Jeme and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”

But were they though?  I guess on some level, I can understand why you shouldn’t say these things.  And maybe it’s even more inappropriate when you are in a position like Hill, but I would argue that the President has said worse things.  For those of you who didn’t see it, Hill’s tweet said:


Initially, it was reported by the Washington Post that even though ESPN was displeased, the network decided not to suspend hill.  That decision triggered a backlash, in which conservatives see a double standard.  Many of them noted that ESPN fired conservative commentator Curt Schilling for expressing on social media his disapproval of transgender rights.  So, let me get this straight. Because ESPN fired someone for being disparaging against transgendered people, they also want to see someone fired for identifying someone as a white supremacist. These things are the same?  Schilling chimed in on this conversation and suggested that network executives are “fine with liberal racism”.


This entire notion is getting me extremely agitated.  Is liberal racism the same as the “alt-left”?  Where are these terms coming from?  Both of them seem to be contradictory, if not an oxy-moron.   If Hill were white, and she called the President a white supremacist, would it still be liberal racism?  Because that’s what it’s about right?  Her black skin color means that she can’t call someone out for hating her skin color?

I honestly have never heard of liberal racism.  Maybe I live in a “bubble”, but it definitely seems odd to categorize people that way when they’re defending rights.  Over the last year (almost) we have seen rights being taken away from people.  We are seeing people being judged because of the color of their skin.  Or because of where they were born.  And none of that is right.  So, if someone calls that out, they’re being racist?  Hill is simply stating something that we all know to be true.  Or am I wrong here?  Maybe it’s too harsh to call someone a white supremacist in today’s society, but I think when it’s coming from the President, it needs to be addressed.

There’s this idea that people only get really offended about something, if they themselves believe it to be true.  Which means, if it quacks like a duck… I’m not going to finish that simile, because I think you understand where I’m going with this.  But not only that, the President should be far more concerned about things that are happening overseas, than what one TV host says about him.  I’m not saying that to put Hill down in anyway or suggest that she’s “just” a TV host.  What I am saying is that there are some pretty big issues going on in North Korea, and you’re concerned about one statement that one person made?  Give me a break.

Many people are standing beside Hill on this one.  Which I think is great.  We need more people to do that.  I think that this is only the tip of the ice burg.  American citizens are tired of having their rights trampled on.  Rights that took decades to get.  So to fire Hill, or even reprimand her for this statement is cowardly, and maybe says something about the execs at ESPN?  I’m not saying they’re racist, but what does it say when you bow down to pressures like these?  What does it say when you don’t take a stand?  As Trump continues to show his true colors (no pun intended), more people will come out and make statements towards his character.  Are you ready for that, Mr. President?

By Staff Writer

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