This has been the day that a lot of Apple fanboys and the public as a whole have been waiting for. Today, well a few hours ago you were able to order the iPad 2. At 5pm you will be able to buy it everywhere from Sam’s Club to Verizon to Apple’s own retail stores. There 24 different models to choose from. Yes, 24 if you do the math. Three size choices 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. Then there is the color white or black. Then there is the network AT&T, Verizon or none if you just go WI-Fi only.

It took a while to pick one but I went with Verizon’s 32GB black iPad 2. That was the one that won me over. Why? AT&T does have a fast network but speed does not mean anything if I can not connect to it. Verizon has the best and most reliable network in the states. JD Powers just awarded them for it as well. Ordering it online took just moments. Although the shipping said it would take only 3-5 days. I noticed my delivery date was a fully after the 5 days. Hopefully that is not the case. If it really does take two weeks one might as well just try the stores.

Why 3G at all? I am doing it based on experience. I had the 16GB WI Fi only iPad already. I had a my phone the HTC Touch Pro 2 wirelessly tethered to it. I know its time to upgrade my phone. I am holding out for a iPhone 4 jailbroken on Sprint or iPhone 5 on Sprint for the win. So internet was not a problem. Unless that is, I wanted to use my phone. Plus it drained my battery life. After about 3 hours of internet it would be completely empty. It will be nice to not have to bring a charger with me everywhere.

The size was a toss up. Not really a need. I needed to use my phone. You don’t really need more space since apps take full advantage of the cloud. I choose to go with the 32GB iPad 2 because of past experience. I found that I wanted more music than what I was able to put on the original 16GB iPad. I didn’t like the daily compromise over what was more important my podcast, movies or music. My podcast always lost the fight. Sorry MSNBC FastMoney, your podcast though informative and entertaining; its too big.

So there you have it. No waiting on a line. Just point and click and wait. That last part sucks though. I’m half tempted to try to get it at the store and return the one I ordered once it comes it. Two weeks better not happen.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. | |