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camilio diaz If you’re a photographer, you are probably familiar with the Sony World Photography Awards.  It’s been a competition that has been going on for a decade, and the winners of the awards truly have amazing photos.  The Awards has four competitions that you can enter.  The first category is “Professional”, and within that, there are 10 categories.  The second category is “Open”, and also within that there are 10 categories.  The third category is “Youth”.  To enter the “youth” category you have to be between the ages of 12 and 19.  The last category is “Student Focus”, and is for those studying photography.  The deadline for submission in the first three categories is January 4, 2018.  The deadline for submission under “Student Focus” is December 4, 2017.

The following photos are part of the 2017 National Awards Winners. 66 local photographers are given these awards.  Regardless of whether or not you’re a photographer, you should check you the World Photography Organisation’s website.  There are tons of stunning photos.  Some will take your breath away.

Miriam Strong, Winner, New Zealand


Austin Odunga, Winner, Kenya


Chun Kin Tong, TOMY, Winner, China

These are just a few of the national winners.  Photographers compete from all over the world, and these are chosen as the best from there countries.  There are so many incredible photos, but I can only show you some. I encourage you to check out the website to see them all.  I also encourage you to submit your own photographs for the 2018 awards.

Constantinos Sofikitis

Another winner is Constantinos Sofikitis.  He is a professional photographer who is mostly interested in travel photographer with an anthropocentric approach.  His work has been published internationally.  Sofikitis is the winner of the Open Competition for Street Photography.  What draws you into this photo?  There’s something about it that gives me the creeps and is yet, oddly comforting.


While not my favourite category for photography, Tim Cornbill was the UK winner for Architecture.  Don’t get me wrong, I love architecture, but it’s not my favourite thing to look at from a photography perspective.  That doesn’t mean that Cornbill doesn’t do a good job.  In fact, he does an incredible job.  Which is most certainly why he’s won this award, and many others.


“Mathilda” by Russian photographer Alexander Vinogradov was selected as the best single photograph in the world and awarded the photographer $5,000 (USD) along with the Open Photographer of the Year title. Vinogradov is an amateur photographer based in Moscow and his winning image is a portrait of a young girl, inspired by the French movie ‘Léon’. The photograph was selected from ten Open category winners announced on 28 March by a panel of judges led by British journalist and photographer Damien Demolder.

When I was in university, I went to the Photography Museum a lot.  I would be lying if I said every Sunday, but certainly many.  It was free admission on Sunday’s and I was on a student budget.  But that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to enjoy the culture myself.  I no longer live in that city, and the one I’m in is lacking when it comes to museums and art galleries.  That being said, I do miss being able to go.  But looking at this website has brought back some old memories, and helped me explore the culture that I can’t find locally.

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