porsche mission e

porsche mission e

Who wins in an electric car fight – Porsche or Tesla?  This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but the answer might surprise you.  You’re also probably wondering what I mean by a “car fight”.  It’s exactly as it sounds – when two cars duke it out to see who is the best.  In this case, Porsche has officially put itself in the running to take on Tesla when it comes to electric cars.  Announced in late 2015, the Porsche Mission E is a fully electric car that will cost you about $85,000.  Porsche is set to unveil the Mission E in 2019.  It will have 310 miles of range and can hit 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds.  The car is said to top speeds in excess of 155 mph, and what is even more impressive is that it can charge up to 80% in just 15 minutes.

Most electric vehicles tend to lack in terms of design.  But neither Tesla nor the Porsche Mission E are as clunky as their counterparts.  Early concept photos of the Mission E, has an incredibly sleek and beautiful design that most certainly rivals the Tesla designs.  InsideEVs reports this on the Mission E:

InsideEVs reports this on the Mission E:

“If you are a fan of the Mission E concept, there is a good chance you are going to appreciate the production model as well. Sure, it won’t have the suicide doors, nor will it get cameras instead of mirrors, but it seems the overall shape and styling is going to be carried over. Spotted for the first time carrying the production body, the all-electric sedan will have an almost coupe-like roofline lending it a sleek side profile.”

porsche_mission e

The car retains the wide track Porsche stance and uses a different front end from its Panamera cousin. What’s interesting is how the car has changed from the model that was unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.  In front, there is an air intake that is wider than the one on the concept car and it has wider LED headlamps.  In addition, the roof surface is flatter, whereas the original design had more of a scalloped roof.


Also, Porsche had included suicide door on the original model, but have since ditched that for more conventional doors.  You can also see the charging port cover behind the front wheel.  What we don’t know about the car is what is under the hood.  Literally.  The mechanical details aren’t available just yet, although the concept form boasts 600 hp.  This is due to a pair of permanent magnet synchronous motors, which will drive all four wheels.

While I’m not convinced that this the Porsche Mission E will give Tesla a run for its money, just yet, it certainly will have a big impact on the market.  Or at least I’m not convinced of that just yet.  I will need to see some more details and specs for the car to be able to make that call.  What I can say is that this car is going to help diversify the market in terms of what kinds of electric cars are available, and I am all about competition in the free market.

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