The Iconfactory has officially launched Twitterrific 5 for Mac.  This comes after a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Project Phoenix earlier this year.  Twitterrific for macOS is a totally new version of the client with a modern design that includes a dark theme, visual customization, muffle/mute/timeline syncing to the iOS app and more. Twitterrific for Mac has been pretty well dead for the last few years, as the market shifted to iOS where Twitterrific 5 had experimented with in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock features. With Project Phoenix, however, The Iconfactory used crowdfunding to ensure demand for a modern Mac client before devoting months and months to development work.  The Kickstarter campaign received $108,346 from 2,852 backers.

For those of you using Twitterrific for iOS, this means that there’s finally a modern version of your favourite Twitter client for desktop.  But even if you’re not a user yet, the interest in the new app is good news for the Mac platform.  This new version of Twitterrific lets you choose between two themes – light and dark, a handful of fonts, nine text sizes and three media thumbnail options.

What is Twitterrific, exactly? It’s an elegant Twitter client that’s easy to understand and simple to use.  You can browse Twitter free from the clutter of promoted tweets.  I personally hate those.  Sometimes I wonder if Twitter actually is inside my head because I haven’t looked something up related to the promoted tweet.  I merely thought about it.  It’s kind of scary.  You can also hide tweets containing specific words, phrases, people or even hashtags from your timeline that you don’t want to see.

Twitterrific has been available for iOS for quite some time now, but the fact that it is making a come back on macOS is quite a big deal.  For more information on Twitterrific, or to download, head over to their website.  You can also check out the features listed below.  There are a ton!


Here’s the full feature list for Twitterrific 5.0 for macOS:

  •  Simple to use, easy to understand
  •  True multi-account/multi-window support
  •  View mentions, messages, and favorites quickly and easily
  •  Timeline syncing of reading position across all platforms via iCloud
  •  System-wide alerts for mentions & direct messages via Notification Center
  •  Fully accessible via VoiceOver
  • Support for Retweet (RT) & Quoted tweets
  • Quick access to Emoji when composing new tweets
  •  Autocompletion of usernames & hashtags while editing tweets
  • View Twitter saved searches and lists
  • Check out global and local trending topics
  • Browse conversation threads between users
  • Support for tweet storms & chained tweet threads
  • Quickly Delete & Edit your own tweets
  • Translate tweets to your native language
  • Helpful color-coding of tweet types
  • In-app media viewing for images, animated GIFs, Instagram & more
  • Share a tweet with actions for email, Messages, Safari Reading List & more
  • Muffles & mutes synced from Twitterrific for iOS via iCloud
  • Robust in-app media viewer with detachable popovers
  • Customize the appearance of media in the timeline or hide it completely
  • View user profiles including past tweets, likes & mentions
  • Follow and unfollow other users directly from their user profile
  • Block and report spammers with a single click
  • Theme control (light or dark)
  • Font size & typeface control
  • Robust keyboard control

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