In part-two of our series on crazy girlfriends, we look at some of the craziest things you can imagine.  Sometimes, I do defend women, but that]s only to convince myself that I’m not crazy.

15. She goes way too far when you’re having an argument.

Attacking your family and friends, calling out your insecurities, threatening to kill herself or cut your manhood off while you’re sleeping — these are not so subtle signs that she’s lost it.  Be careful when it comes to suicide.  Chances are it’s just a threat, but reach out to mental health professionals if you’re not sure.

16. Self-help bonanza.

Most people can work through their problems with the help of friends or family.  But if she’s tried every self-help book out there and she’s still not in a healthy place, there might be something wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with self-help books, but if none of them are getting the message through to her, there’s a good chance she needs more help.


17. She calls and texts too much.

Calling and texting a lot can signal that there are some insecurities. Especially if you see your girlfriend every day, or you live together.  I am in a long distance relationship, so I feel like the only time we have together (when we’re apart) is to call and text.  Do I do this too often?  Likely.  I’m not trying to make it sound like I am defending my actions.  I could very well be a crazy girlfriend.  But I think that this isn’t a good measure unless it’s constantly.  Sometimes, guys purposely ignore phone calls, and maybe all could be settled if they just picked up?  I’m on the fence with this one. I do agree that too many calls and text messages can signal something, but talk about it with your girl before you label her as crazy.

18. Those playful punches… hurt.

If she’s punching you at all, I think there’s something wrong.  Playful or not.

19. She criticizes your mother.

Regardless of how you feel about your boyfriend’s mother, you need to be respectful.  Period.  She may be the worst person in the world.  She might hate you, but you’re bound to lose your boyfriend if you start running your mouth about her, so watch yourself.  Which means, if your girlfriend does criticize your mother there’s likely a deeper issue and she’s probably not the girl for you.  I have been in a situation where I didn’t like my boyfriend’s mother.  I voiced my concerns when it was appropriate to do so, but I was never disrespectful.

20. She hijacks your social media.

You’re off the market and she wants every single person you’ve ever met to know it. For every post you make, she leaves five comments. She tags herself in photos she’s not even in. It’s nice for your man to broadcast your love, but it’s not realistic.  This one is a slippery slope too. If you break it off, make sure you block her or you’re going to have your business posted everywhere.  Which could also lead to physical stalking, so be careful.

the bell jar

21. Her favorite book is “The Bell Jar.”

To put this into context for you, I’ll give you a quote from the book:

“That’s one of the reasons I never wanted to get married. The last thing I wanted was infinite security and to be the place an arrow shoots off from. I wanted change and excitement and to shoot off in all directions myself, like the colored arrows from a Fourth of July rocket.”

22. You run into a guy she used to date, and he’s not jealous of you — he feels sorry for you.

Does this really require any explanation?  If he’s happy that he’s no longer in a relationship with her, you should consider why.  Maybe even ask him if you’re already having doubts about your relationship.

23. Big-time jealousy.

Like I’ve said jealousy is a normal part of every relationship, but if she blows up at you every time you talk about, look at or even think about another woman, you need to get out of there. ASAP.


24. When trapped, she bursts into tears.

Most guys find tears to be kryptonite.  But if you’ve caught her in a lie and suddenly she’s crying, she might be manipulating you.  As someone who cries a lot, I actually don’t like people to see me cry.  Which means I don’t use it as a manipulation tool.  Some girls do.  They know guys don’t want to see them cry.  If she isn’t a normal cryer, and suddenly is crying every time you confront her about something, she’s playing you.

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