I like when things are simple.  Especially when it means I have to do very little work.  I’m not lazy, but I don’t necessarily have time to do everything I want to do.  Which is why I love it when there are tools that help automate some of the processes for me.  I use a couple of tools at work that provide me with this kind of service.  You usually have to pay for them, but its a small price when it comes to efficiency.   I also use this kind of thinking in my personal life.  When it comes to shopping, for example, I would love an automated tool.  We are starting to see this (here anyway) within grocery stores.  You simply tell them what you want, and when you want to pick it up and it will be ready for you.

Now let’s talk about something that’s much more complicated than my weekly grocery list.  And that is building a PC.  Regardless of what you’re building it for, checking for parts can be an extremely time-consuming task.  Finding where they are located.  Trying to find the best price.  This can all add up.  Which is why this new tool is so amazing.  Only available in public beta, Build My PC is a computer logic based tool to help you make the best component buying decisions possible.

Sounds great.  But what can it do exactly?

  • It automatically checks prices of the latest PC parts and runs through a total of 7,077,523,200 permutations to arrive at the perfect gaming build for every single price point.
  • The logic currently uses a target specification of 4K60 and will try to give you the best possible build combination for any particular price point.
  • It is designed to automatically check for all known compatibility issues.
  • The tool is currently in the public beta stage and they encourage you to submit any bugs that you may spot using Wccftech’s Tip feature.
  • If you want a workstation build, click on the workstation option to get a CPU-preferred build order.
  • They have added alternative suggestions for GPU and motherboard vendors in case you do not want to go with the default preference. In addition to that, you can, of course, force an AMD only and/or Intel and/or NVIDIA only build. The performance indicators will show you any performance gains/losses, should you opt for a GPU different from that chosen by the Build My PC tool.
  • The tool will always give you the lowest possible price from all available vendors (currently; Amazon and Newegg).
  • Build My PC – the tool, algorithm, and logic behind it were developed after many weeks of sleepless nights by Sohail and Usman.

This sounds pretty good, right?  I think one of the neat features about it is being able to check out the cost of the parts and make comparisons.  In addition, you can set your budget right in the tool so you’re going to be given all the parts you can afford to buy.  Play around with the budget tool to see what kinds of improvements you could have if you save up some money.  Like I said in my introduction, I love when a tool gives me back my time.  It’s very easy to use.  If you’re a gamer or looking to build your own PC, you should check out the tool and provide the company with feedback.

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