terminator salvation

terminator salvation

Is this Terminator the salvation the franchise so desperately needs? Will this action packed summer flick be the best thing McG has done since Charlie’s Angles? Does Mr. Christian “F bomb” Bale live up to the hype?

In a word yes, although I did not walk away completely over joyed with the plot. For one thing Skynet tells Marcus the half robot & half human that he is the only one of his kind but a few cut scenes later he is fighting his upgrade Arnold. Little things like that should not happen in a movie of this size. But all in all this movie does pass the bill of being a summer action blockbuster. You should see it just for the soon to be infamous helicopter scene right in the beginning. That is the best action sequence I have ever seen . There is not much of a review needed for this movie. You know what you are getting. Heart pounding action from start to finish. Who needs cohesive plots anyway?

I give it a 4 out 5 stars.

By Rubens Saintel

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