tom hanks angels and demons

Angels and Demons is a good meaningful film that has lots of heart but features a message that tries very hard not often anyone. I give the movie 3 out of 5. Now read on for the full review if you still want to see the movie.

A man from The Vatican who seeks Robert Langdon’s help. Right away it is evident that this film is a lot more straight forward and to the point. It is not a sequel to DaVinci Code nor does it seem like a predecessor although there are many hints to the contrary. Hanks is flawless as he always is in every film he does. Therefore he is not the problem nor is it Howard’s impeccable directing. The movie is just not as enticing as the first movie and you keep hoping that it will live up to that older sibling but it never does. The science is sound in some places but so unrealistic in others it hurts to watch if you’re a tech geek. Creating antimatter is not impossible but containing it is. Also creating it in such a great quantity is also very unrealistic. The impact of antimatter and regular matter is just so unpredictable. No one really knows what will happen.

The special effects are great but there were was not much to do to make it that way. A side from the ending which I will not tell you, the FX was largely stunts by doubles that any company could have done. There you have it an unbiased review. Next week I will review Terminator: Salvation.

By Rubens Saintel

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