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The iPhone X is coming soon, but as we have mentioned, there are some supply issues.  Which is why it wasn’t ready when Apple announced the phone back in September.  At the same time, they announced the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.  What’s interesting though, is that iPhone 8 sales aren’t exactly where Apple thought they were going to be and this has a lot to do with the iPhone X.  Why get an 8 when the X is just around the corner?  I question whether or not this was a good move for Apple in some ways.  For people who can’t afford the X, there is always the 8.  But on the other hand, why get an 8 when the X will be available in a matter of weeks?

If you’re interested in buying an iPhone X and have been waiting since it was introduced, there are a few things you need to do if you want to secure one.  Due to high demand, getting your iPhone X pre-order in with reasonable shipping time is going to be extremely difficult.  In order to make this incredibly daunting task easier, we have a few tips that should help you.

  • You need to first decide how you want to pre-order the iPhone.  Your best bet is actually to go through the Apple Store app instead of using the website.  Make sure you also have access to a high-speed internet connection.  If the app fails to load properly for you the first time, force quit and then reload it once again.  You can use multiple iOS devices and use the Apple Store app to place your pre-order.  You can keep them connected to different internet connections also if you want to increase your chances of successfully placing a pre-order.
  • If you’ve never used the Apple store to order something, make sure you browse the store in order to get an idea of how it works.  The last thing you want to do is be caught off guard with how it works.
  • Make sure you fill your credit card details, address, and other details in the app before pre-order day for a faster checkout experience.  You should try using Apple Pay/Wallet in order to pay for your purchase since that offers the fastest checkout experience.
  • Decide on color and capacity of the phone you want to buy in advance.  Any last minute change can lead to your iPhone X shipping late.
  • The iPhone X listing is already live on the Apple Store. Make sure to bookmark or favorite the page now so that you can quickly access it from the My Account section on pre-order day.
  • Be ready by 3:00 am (eastern)/ 12:00 am (pacific).  This is key.  The iPhone X goes up for pre-order within a minute.  If you’re late, then it is unlikely that you are going to receive your iPhone X pre-order before the end of December.
  • If you’ve got extra cash lying around, you should pre-order the 256 GB iPhone X.  Because of its high price, demand for that model is going to be lower than the 64 GB version.

If you’re unable to get your pre-order in time, you can try standing outside an Apple Store before the retail launch on November 3rd.  It might be tiring, but if you get in early you should be able to get your hands on the iPhone X on launch day.  These are merely tips and it won’t guarantee you an iPhone.  There may still be shipping issues after you pre-order.  We already know that the iPhone X is in short supply so make sure you decide whether or not you want one before the launch!

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