The idea of moving alone can be daunting.  But then throw in the fact that you’re moving to another city, and it can become downright overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong, moving to another city can be extremely exciting, but trying to figure everything out isn’t easy.  You have to think about packing.  How will you get there? Should you take all of your furniture?  Should you hire movers?  Can you do it yourself?  I recently moved within the city that I live in, and this was a lot to think of.  Now consider moving to another city.  How would you answer all of these questions?  The bigger question you should be asking yourself is how much is this going to cost?

Online tools like City to City Moving Calculator can help you break down the cost of moving to a new city.  It’s an interesting tool, but I wonder how accurate it is?  As I mentioned, I recently moved within the city that I live in.  I was fortunate enough to have family help, so I only had to pay for a uHaul.  But when I did look into movers, the estimate was about $1500.  Hence why I went with family.  The City to City Moving Calculator gave me about the same price when I entered in two cities that are approximately 400 miles apart.  Now I’m not saying that it’s not accurate, I just wonder if that is going to give you a good estimate.  It factors in a lot of other things to consider – such as labor costs per hour and moving insurance.


If you’re moving overseas, you should try this International Moving Cost Calculator. It doesn’t give you quite as many options, but it does allow you to get an estimate around shipping your stuff.  If you want a more customized idea of what it’s going to cost, then try doing the math yourself.  Here are some things to consider when you’re budgeting for that big move:

  • Transportation – what is the actual cost of the moving truck?  Are you going to use a U-Haul and drive yourself?  Or are you going to hire a moving service?
  • Gasoline – don’t forget to factor in the cost of gas.  If you’re driving yourself, Gas Buddy’s Trip Cost Calculator can help you save money by showing you the cheapest places to stop to get gas along your route.  (Side note, I use this site when I’m going on a road trip)
  • Packing Material – Tape, boxes, bubble wrap – this can all add up.  Which is why it requires its own line item in your budget.  You can get free moving boxes from different places around your community, but that may add additional time to your already busy schedule.
  • The Summer Premium – if you move between May and September, prices are expected to be a bit more expensive.  The calculator adds about 20% to its calculations during this time of year.

Make sure to consider whether or not you’re going to have to pay to break your lease, or if you need to put money down on your new apartment in your new city.  These things can all add up and should be considered as part of your budget.  Moving can be a stressful time so hopefully, these tips help you make it a little bit easier.

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