I have only greatness to spread today

First of all I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lady Gaga!

Secondly tomorrow is a big day for the once crazy Britney Spears. Tomorrow is the release of her new album Femme Fatale. I’m sure after doing 2 surprise shows in Las Vegas the other night the anticipation is killing some fans.

Updates to know about:

Charlie Sheen is still out there talking about trolls and warlocks and although whatever this talk means he is proving to be very profitable while crazy so… Congrats!

Rick Ross was just arrested on possession of weed. Surprised? not really 🙁

There may be a Chris Brown/Rihanna interview happening sometime in the future. I am actually hoping this isn’t going to happen. What happened in the past should stay there and plus Chris is having a good enough time making his own headlines these days by throwing chairs through windows! 2 words: Anger Management

Movies to look out for:

Black Swan with Natalie Portman, Tangled voiced by Mandy Moore, Fair Game with Sean Penn, and All Good Things with Ryan Gossling al come out tomorrow on DVD.

Sadly the much anticipated movie Sucker Punch only opened in 2 place with a small $19 million( Diary of a Wimpy Kid part 2 was 1). With a budget that is well over $100 million, 19 isn’t going to cut it. Cheers to what will hopefully a better 2nd week.

Final Thoughts:

Please keep the family of DJ Megatron in your thoughts.The famed BET DJ was shot and killed in New York.

Have a good one! Love XXO

Sierra Simone