Time Warner the cable company has just put out TWCable TV, a free iPad app that lets subscribers stream 32 channels of live TV.  You must have Time Warner cable and internet for the app to work.  Now if only Tivo would do this with your already recorded shows.

TWCable TV does what no one else is doing right now;  live streaming TV.  Yes, I know; The Dish has been doing this for a while. Well not really it depends on SlingBox. Although the app is nice it left out some features that would have made it a must have. You can not manage your DVR or watch what is saved on it.  It’s just 32 channels. But you know what?, that is 32 more than you could watch before.


By Rubens Saintel

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2 thoughts on “Time Warner’s TWCable TV iPad app is Streaming TV done right”
  1. Yeah it is 32 more channels that you are able to watch now. However you have to be subscribed to the cable and internet provided through Time Warner cable. Of course, that is not available everywhere, so there are limits. Also when it comes to DISH Network (my employer) and their app, nothing can really compare. There is so much that is missing from this app that I can’t see why anyone would want it. In one way, you can’t leave home with your iPad just to watch TV. So what if you “can turn any room in your home into another TV room”, with the DISH Remote Access app, I can turn anywhere in the world into my TV room with my iPad. On another note, I am not limited to just 32 channels; I can stream ANY channel I subscribe to from my 922 SlingLoaded receiver. Sure it does have Sling technology, but isn’t that what made DISH Network first in the race?

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