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diddy dirty money

Ok so its monday and im waiting for something good to happen.  Today only brings hurt feelings from Lindsay Lohan who is apparently still steaming at ex-buddy Gwyneth Paltrow about the Glee episode where some very funny jokes were made at Lindsay”s expense. All i can say is that worst has been said about her so she should move on from this one.

Billy Ray Cyrus is still talking about his daughters bong hit even though the majority of the world has moved on to bigger issues such as seeing if Miley is going to spin out of control like teen idols before her. I hope not.

Black Swan seems to be the big movie that no one expected to be big. The movie just snagged 12 nominations for the Critics Choice Awards.

P.Diddy Dirty Money cd is finally on its way here. After hearing talk about it and waiting for a year and some change this cd needs to be more then great. “Homecoming” is rocking my world right now. P.Diddy really gets personal in the song which makes it that much better.

Thats all i have for now! See you Friday
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