Seems these #nbaplayoffs are going to be closer than I thought. Both #BULLS and #Heat almost got beat today.

Rose MVP, Bulls 60+ wins. The most wins since Mr. Air Jordan ran the Bulls. Yet the number 8 seed almost took them out. In fact it was touch and go until a few minutes in the fourth quarter. LeBron MVP, Wade MVP, Heat more than 50+ wins. Yet they almost got took out as well. What s going on? Simple. The NBA playoffs are not the regular season. These teams went in thinking it as going to be a cake walk were violently woken up and sadly mistaken.

This years playoffs are going to be similar to the March Madness of the NCAA. Meaning here will be some upsets. That is not to see that Bulls are going to lose to the Pacers but they will have their hands full.  That goes for everyone in the playoffs this year. There are going to be upsets. I’m calling it now. NO SWEEPS for any team in the 1st round.

By Rubens Saintel

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