A question that we all struggle with, I think, is whether or not aliens exist.  I have suggested (in other posts) that if aliens exist, its probably not in the form that we think.  It’s likely to be some kind of microorganism, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of an ET-like creature.  Conspiracy theorists from around the world often say that they have been visited by aliens and therefore they think the government is hiding something.  Well, they are hiding something.  The U.S. Department of Defense has spent $22 million in an effort to be able to identify UFOs. That’s right – to be able to identify unidentified flying objects.  I would like to add that it’s not just civilians seeing these – military personnel have as well.

A new report by the New York Times offers a look at the government’s efforts around investigating UFO’s.  The former senator, Harry Reid, was actually heading up the investigation into a growing number of unexplained phenomenon.  How did the program work?  And who received the funding?  Bigelow Aerospace was the main benefactor.  They used the money to build a facility in Nevada in order to study physical evidence related to these UFOs.  Bigelow Aerospace came into possession of “metal alloys and other materials” that had allegedly originated in some of the unidentified flying objects.  Although, the report doesn’t go into much detail regarding how those relics were actually obtained. This makes me a bit suspicious.  But I am kind of on the same side as some of the conspiracy theorists.


Other evidence that they received was a video recorded by military personnel during operations in various parts of the world.  Have a look at this video.  Honestly, if you didn’t believe in UFOs before seeing this video, there’s no way that you don’t now:

At first, military personnel suggests that this is a drone, but then they decide otherwise.  What puzzled the pilots was the fact that the craft rotate could rotate at will while flying into 120-knot winds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with knots, that is the equivalent to about 140 miles per hour.  The pilots seem extremely surprised by this craft.  Which means, this isn’t something they have ever seen before.  We can also assume that these pilots have flown some of the most high-tech military aircrafts ever created. So, this is definitely something to be suspicious of.


I should point out that this isn’t an existing program.  The original program began in 2007 and was cut a few years later. Officials said that this is mainly due to budget concerns.  Which makes sense.  The Trump Administration seems to have other priorities, so I’m kind of happy to see that this didn’t make a come back.  That said, this is a really interesting area that I think should be studied more.  But at what cost?  It’s 2017, and I’m kind of surprised that researchers haven’t been able to prove or disprove this idea that UFOs exist.

Maybe I’m being too hard on science and research, but it seems strange to me that this is still a question.  Especially with all the technology and information that we have.  But, maybe that’s the whole point of this?  How could we ever know? I am not going to rant about conspiracy theories, but I do want you to think about why we don’t have answers.  Cutting funding to the program makes sense, from a budget perspective, but the research does need to still go on.