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A big question that we started to tackle in 2017 was whether or not artificial intelligence can replace humans? There’s this idea that maybe AI (or robots as I sometimes refer to them) may be able to do things better than humans like marketing messaging.  This is the type of thing that can take a lot of human brainpower to fully develop, understand, and formulate in order to optimize return.  So could an AI-powered service offer better results?  Given that we live in a technology-centric world, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are some startups trying to do this.  They are using AI to help optimize marketing messages and deliver marketing and email campaigns. Their goal is to increase conversion rates and overall increase their ROI on marketing.

But will it work?  One of the startups trying this out is Persado.  Their aim is to use AI and machine learning in order to optimize marketing messages.  Translation – make them easier to understand.  Persado runs your marketing message through their database of millions of different marketing phrases.  The database gives suggestions on ways to tweak the phrase in order to get the best return.   Persado has executed over 8,800 marketing campaigns and achieved over 100 billion impressions for their customers.  Of which, include Verizon, Microsoft, Expedia, and Vodafone.  This has resulted in over $1 billion in incremental revenue that wouldn’t have been otherwise realized. Based on that number alone, it seems like it’s working.


How does this work, exactly?  Yes, I explained the mechanics of it, but when it comes to an actual campaign, what does this look like? One way is using what they describe as “call to action” phrases. Persado recently worked with Air Canada and discovered that incorporating a little bit of FOMO in their messaging drove an email campaign to have 48% more opens.  How did they do this?  They changed the wording from “book now” to “see deals” in their email.  Of course, people aren’t ready to book right away. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want a good deal. This is an example of emotional language, which drives better engagement within your brand.

This will also work with small businesses too.  You don’t have to be the likes of Microsoft to see this kind of return. For small businesses and enterprises, using software by Persado or its competitors could help boost their business. By optimizing their messages and making conversions over time, these companies might even reach the point where they could hire a copywriter or marketer who could then take over and continue using AI optimize messaging and scale it.


I should point out that Persado isn’t the only company who offers these kinds of services.  Motiva and Phrasee also use AI from a marketing perspective.  Does this mean the end of copywriters?  Not at all.  These kinds of tools will actually enhance the work of a copywriter.  They are still needed to craft the initial message, which would then be optimized using AI.  Once the message comes back, someone (a copywriter) still needs to make sure that the message will still fit within their marketing goals.  So yes, humans are still necessary in this process.  But it can free them up from this task to work on some other marketing areas. Fear not, humans aren’t going to be replaced just yet.

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