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Twitter Contemplates Ways to Fix it’s Problem With Videos

Twitter considers ways to fix the problem their platform has when it comes to uploading videos. It is, after all, extremely complicated.


Twitter has a plan in place to make it faster and easier to share videos on their platform.  This plan involves a new camera-centered app.  And, of course, the app is said to be inspired by Snapchat.  Which Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has previously praised.  Bloomberg is reporting that the project has made it as far as a working demo.

“The San Francisco-based company has a working demo of the camera-centered product, according to people who have seen it, but the design hasn’t been finalized, nor has the timing of its debut. The tool could change significantly over the next several months, they said, asking not to be identified because the product hasn’t been publicly disclosed. The goal of the new feature is to entice people to share video clips of what’s happening around them.

The new product targets the relatively cumbersome process of sharing videos or photos on Twitter, whose social network lets people post real-time updates of up to 280 characters and follow others’ feeds. Now, users have to open the Twitter app, click the compose button, find the camera button, take the video or picture, then click on the tweet button. The goal of this product is to reduce the number of steps.”


I normally roast Instagram for stealing Snapchat features, and I wonder if I should be doing it with Twitter now as well?  No, I think that this is a good move by Twitter.  Think about how cumbersome and convoluted the process is for posting a video.  I, myself, don’t post videos on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about how these processes work.  In fact, Dorsey himself has admitted that Twitter is a complicated platform, especially for newcomers.  He went on to say that he felt Snapchat was very modern.  That said, Twitter isn’t trying to come up with their own version of “Stories” for example.  They simply want to reorganize the app in a way that makes it easier to use.  While, at the same time, understanding how the camera fits in.

Video is a huge deal when it comes to social media.  Everyone uses it (except for myself!).  To clarify, I consume a lot of social media but mostly just from Twitter and Instagram.  My posts are usually pictures of my nephews, and end up on Instagram.  But this isn’t the norm.  I would love to share videos, but I have the most boring existence, and I don’t really have anything interesting to share.  Other than pictures of my nephews and the occasional fun picture when I travel.


My boring life aside, this is a big step for Twitter.  Not only that, but it’s crucial to the future evolution of the app.  Twitter needs this kind of feature in order to be able to keep up with the Instagram and Snapchat competition.  Both of those platforms have a very simple UI when it comes to posting videos.


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