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In part three, we are going to look at some practical apps that will make your life a little bit easier.  It’s honestly hard to imagine what life would be like without apps, or before apps existed.  What did we do?  How did we communicate?  I am just joking, but I’m also serious.  Apps have moved our lifestyle in incredible ways that I don’t think we always think about.  So enjoy part three of this list, and think about how your life would be different, if some of these didn’t exist.

 receiver radio

Receiver Radio

Receiver for Apple TV comes with more than 22,000 freely available internet radio stations, made available by an intuitive and compelling user interface. Stations are sorted by genre, location, and language. Directories of “Popular Stations” or “Local Stations” and “Search” make discovering internet radio easy. Recommendations of similar stations are listed to the playing radio station. Bookmarked favorites are synchronized with Receiver Apps on your Apple Watch, iPad or iPhone via iCould.

Solar Walk 2

Solar Walk 2 is a powerful educational tool at the edge of graphic technology. Solar Walk 2 offers an interactive encyclopedia of the solar system as never seen before. Based on real physics and latest photographic data, Solar Walk 2 comes to life with stunning visual effects of planetary atmospheres, solar flares, auroras and asteroid belts to give the space depth and feel that hadn’t yet been possible on a mobile device. Your exploration of the solar system in Solar Walk 2 is guided by a carefully handpicked calendar, a collection of simulations of celestial events with stunning visuals.  Making this a must have app for Apple TV.


Speedtest by Ookla

You can use Speedtest for a quick, easy, one-tap connection speed test.  It’s accurate anywhere thanks to their global network. Millions of users have made Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry.  And, like the title of this post suggests – it’s now available on your Apple TV.

streaks workout

Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout is the ideal training tool for people of all fitness levels and capabilities. No matter how much time you have spare each day, it will get you into a routine of building your strength and fitness.  Choose from a range of equipment-free exercises to work your core, arms, legs, back, and chest.  You can customize which exercises you want to do, making it great for all ages and abilities.  Your goal is to complete a workout every day, with different options available based on your ability and how much time you have.  No more excuses: this is the workout that you won’t dread.  And it’s available on your Apple TV.  How great is that?

TV Maps

TV Maps

TV Maps is a full-featured map client. It includes standard road maps, 3D Maps and Apple’s Flyover feature (where available).The app lets you skip across the planet in standard, satellite and hybrid view. There’s also a Flyover Demo mode that lets you watch maps of some cities as screensavers. You can also share routes, maps, and locations using the companion TV Maps app that’s available for iOS devices. It comes into its own for groups of people trying to plan a trip, or for people who may be about to visit somewhere completely new. It is much easier for any family to work together using a map on the big TV screen than using a computer.

ted for apple tv


If you like the idea of watching thought-provoking presentations from the comfort of your couch, you’re in for a good time. Apple TV has a dedicated TED Talks app, so you can watch discussions of public shaming or the future of image recognition on the big screen without streaming from another device or digging through other services.

white noise

White Noise

White Noise offers a large variety of audio selections from brown and blue noise to nature sounds to ticking clocks. Each scene displays a static image with the background sound and the app offers a sleep timer as well as a digital clock display. Pick and play. With so many sounds to choose from, there is bound to be the perfect one to match your mood or environment. After you select one, you can pause it as well as move forward or back to other sounds. There is also a convenient timer if you are enjoying the sounds at bedtime along with a clock display option which includes different colors.