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If you follow CoolStar on Twitter or have any knowledge of the world of jailbreaking, you will know that CoolStar has quit Twitter.  If you don’t follow CoolStar on Twitter, then you’re probably asking why?  The answer is that CoolStar quit Twitter after someone leaked the Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak with Cydia which he had provided for testing before releasing it to the public. This is kind of a slap in the face CoolStar had released it for testing in advance of providing it to the public.  But now it appears that those issues have been resolved, privately, and CoolStar has returned to Twitter. This return comes after he updated his website with a ton of updates on this situation.

The new page has all the details in a dated format for anyone still interested in knowing CoolStar’s perspective on the whole drama that occurred last week. At the time of writing, there were two entries on this new page, dated February 19th and February 22nd, in which the developer of Electra briefly talks about the current fall-out in the jailbreak world and even goes into detail about some of the known issues with the Cydia installation that is part of the currently unreleased version of Electra.


On his page, CoolStar mentions an issue that keeps coming up.  This reaffirms his stance that without testing, Cydia would be entirely unusable if installed on top of another jailbreak, which has used a different tool.  He makes a valid point, don’t you think?  I mean, if you want these jailbreaks to be effective, they need to be tested properly.  Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a ton of bugs, and then what?  CoolStar responds to this with a rather cheeky message:

“Btw. found a bug in our Cydia setup today that will cause Cydia to stop working randomly at some point on everyone’s devices if they installed the leaked RC 1.2 build, so if you did that… good luck.”

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But let’s talk about the real issue for a moment.  CoolStar is putting in a lot of effort to try and help people who want to jailbreak their phones.  Sure, he’s not very popular with Apple, but he’s got a fan base of people who are interested in using these jailbreaks.  So why would you go and leak that to the public?  Especially if it’s buggy?  If someone uses that jailbreak, and it’s not as good as it can be, you’re the guy that leaked it in the first place.  Which isn’t cool, in my opinion – and that’s exactly what CoolStar is saying.

But CoolStar isn’t the first to get fed up with people who are trying to undermine his work.  But it’s also difficult to disagree with where he’s coming from.  I mean, if you support jailbreaking, then you should also support how that community works. It’s unlikely that we outsiders will ever know the full story behind the leak, but if the community keeps treating CoolStar the way they have been, we won’t be getting any more jailbreaks from him.  Which will also shut a good chunk of the jailbreaking community down.

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