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Is Instagram Finally Fixing Their Problem with the Feed Order?

Is Instagram finally fixing the problem with the order in which we see new posts? Kind of.. well, not really. They're making some improvements, but it may not fix the issue.


One of my biggest pet peeves about Instagram is that the feed is no longer chronological.  I saw posts a full five days after Martin Luther King Jr. Day that said “Happy MLK Day”.  It confuses me every time because I have to think about what day it is, and whether or not this information is new.  The first thing I think about is why are people so slow at posting these things?  But then, I realized it’s Instagram’s fault.  And by it’s Instagram’s fault, I should clarify – they have a horribly messy algorithm that puts the posts in this random haphazard order.  That said, to appease the masses, they are trying to make it less messy.

Instagram is testing a new feature which includes a “New Posts” button.  If you tap the button, you will be brought to the top of the Instagram feed where new posts will appear.  In addition, they have also promised to show newer posts in the feed at the top.  But why is this so difficult to begin with?  Doesn’t this work well in Facebook?  Why can’t they just apply that algorithm over here?


According to Instagram, these changes will make your feed feel fresher and you won’t miss the moments that you care about.  So, when your best friend posts pictures of her recent trip to Hawaii, you’ll actually get to see them.  And it’s about time.  These changes come after years of complaints from users who are fed up with the feed. A writer at Mashable wrote about how Instagram was “actively ruining” his life because of the “inhumane algorithm” because it kept resurfacing Father’s Day posts long after the day.  And he’s not wrong.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the update goes, but it’s at least a start.  Instagram is also working on ways to improve your feed over the next few months, so maybe there are some more improvements in store for us, and we just don’t know about them yet.

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