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A lot of people would have you believe that you can’t switch between an iPhone and an Android phone seamlessly.  But that’s not exactly true.  It’s not as difficult as you think to make sure that all your information transfers from one device to another.  But the answer might not be what you expect.  If you use Apple services to house your information – like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Maps etc., then it’s going to be difficult to make the transfer.  But the answer to your problems is Google.  With Google, you’ve got access to Photos, Contacts, Calendars and even Notes.  Which means, you should be able to seamlessly transfer all your information if you decide to switch devices.

Let’s talk specifics now.

Google contacts


If you have a Gmail account, then you already have a Google Contacts account.  And who doesn’t have a Gmail account these days?  You can back up your iPhone’s contacts to Google, and then those numbers will now be available on any device that you want to use.  You can even edit the list right from the web browser.  As an additional bonus, it offers a second backup method for your contacts list, just in case something happens to your phone’s backup file.

Google Keep


If you use Google Keep as your primary notes app, you will instantly be able to see the notes on other devices.  Including your phone or the web version.  You’re probably thinking – yeah, I can do that within the Apple Notes app, and you’re right.  But if you don’t have a MacBook and an iPhone, this will help you keep track of those notes without having to worry about the platform that you’re using.

google photos


Google Photos is also a really great feature for both backing up your photos and sharing them with friends and family.  If you’ve got a Gmail account, you can access photos from anywhere on any device.  The sharing capabilities make it really easy to share photos with your friends or family members.  I know that I am always doing this after taking 100 photos of my nephews.

google calendar


One of my favorite things about Google is the calendar feature.  Like I’ve said – regardless of the device you’re using, you can take advantage of Google Calendar on your iPhone or Android device.  The great thing about this also is that you can collaborate/share with other people – again, regardless of the device that they are using.  Because like I said – who doesn’t have a Gmail account these days. For me, this is a crucial part of keeping myself organized, so I definitely find this feature very helpful.  What’s also great, you can input the information using the Apple Calendar app.  You do have to make your Gmail account the default/primary account, but it makes its super easy to stay organized.

What else can Google do? Let’s say you’re using Google Chrome on your MacBook, and you’re also using an Android phone.  By logging into your Google account, you have full access (on any device) to all of the bookmarks and passwords that you’ve saved.  All of these features make switching from an Android device to an Apple device pretty easy – and incredible.

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