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Easter is just around the corner, and it is one of my favorite times of the year.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Spring is here.  Or at least just around the corner/on its way.  For me, Spring represents something really positive.  While I don’t necessarily think I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, I do think that there is something about Winter that just gets me down.  Which is why I am looking forward to celebrating that next weekend.  But that’s not the only thing I will be celebrating this month.  Starting on March 22, The Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Egg event is returning.

This time, you’ll have even more chances to hatch certain Pokémon. Yesterday, Niantic revealed details on their next bigPokémon GO event: Eggstravaganza (2018.) This event will take place at the end of March (now) and will go until the second of April – giving you an extra special thing to do for Easter.  Which is what we want right?  More reasons to avoid our family?  I did, but I’m also being kind of serious.

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Inside the special boxes for this event are Super Incubators, Star Pieces, and more oddities to assist in the egg-finding extravaganza. Throughout this Pokémon GO event, users will find a bunch of egg-related bonuses going on. For starters, bonus Candy will be given for each hatched Egg. Users will also find double Stardust throughout the event – for every different action that normally gives regular amounts of Stardust. Walking to hatch eggs and capturing massive amounts of Pokémon that associate with the Pokemon you want to evolve – and that’s what this event is all about.

According to the official Pokémon GO blog, starting March 22 at 4 p.m. EDT trainers will see a greater variety of Pokémon hatching from 2km Eggs. Pokémon that normally hatch from 5 and 10km Eggs will now be found in 2km Eggs until April 2 at 4 p.m. EDT. Which is all great, right?  Like I said, this is a great way for people to spend their time over the weekend.

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The Pokémon GO blog names Wynaut and Ralts as examples of Pokémon shifted to 2km Eggs but also mentions that Pichu and Togepi will have an increased hatch rate. Besides those two, some notable Pokémon are likely to be swapped from 10km to 2km Eggs including Beldum, Bagon, Trapinch, Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar, and Dratini. These special Eggs will only be distributed at PokeStops, so you’re really going to have to work for this one.

Word of advice for Pokémon Go trainers – make room in your inventory because any Eggs received prior to the Eggstravaganza event will not reflect these more favorable conditions. For those of you who are thinking that Pokémon GO is dead – you’re wrong.  In fact, it’s very much alive and well.  This event sparks a new appreciation for the game.  That said, if you’ve uninstalled the game or stopped playing for some reason, this is the time to get back into action once again. As ever, Pokémon GO remains free for both iOS and Android.  But who doesn’t love a little Pokémon GO with their Easter Egg hunt?  And if you’ve got kids in your house, or where ever you’ll be celebrating, they will love this game as well.

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