I love working on music whenever I can and where ever I can. That was one of the major reasons for buying the iPad 2 even though I was perfectly happy with the first one. Garageband for the iPad 2 was a great app. Simple to use and portable. The only thing is that it lacked really good samples.

FL Studio is used by millions of people to create very good samples. I’ve been asked would it ever make it to the iPad. I can now say yes, it is on it’s way. The 128-track sequencer, step sequencer for individual MIDI clips a whole lot of drum loops, clear reverb and all the other effects you are use to from the FL Studio. It even does something that Garageband can not do at the moment. When you connect your iPad version of the project to the computer it can be mixed down to wav or exported to MIDI. Want more of a reason to jump on this app? You can also save  the mix as a session file and load it to the FL Studio software on your computer.  When is it coming out? Soon but in the meantime watch the video below.


By Rubens Saintel

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