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Typically, E3 is mostly filled with news about consoles and PC games, but the big studios are starting to pay attention to mobile gaming.  I mean, that shouldn’t surprise anyone, right?  Mobile gaming is huge and will only continue to get larger.  I mean, look at how Fortnite exploded in the last six months.  Which is why these studios do need to be paying more attention to mobile gaming.  That said, here are all the big announcements from E3.  Some are about the latest mobile games, but we also have some other news for you as well.

Command & Conquer Rivals

Command & Conquer Rivals was announced at EA Play 2018 and is a free to play mobile game that is now coming to Android.  It borrows a lot of elements (including the name) from the original strategy game, but it also brings us a bit of a spin.  What is the game itself like? Command & Conquer: Rivals pits two teams against one another on a battlefield of hexagons. Each side has a base, with the goal of the match being to destroy your opponent’s base before they destroy yours. You can send troops to attack it, but they won’t make much of a dent. Your goal instead is to capture a large missile in the center of the map before it fires. If your team owns the missile when it’s ready to launch, you’ll blast your opponent’s base with it. Two missile hits will secure the match.

There hasn’t been an official release date on this one, but you can go to the Command & Conquer website and pre-register for the alpha version when it’s ready.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Fallout 76 might have been the highlight of Bethesda’s E3 conference, but there’s no denying that The Elder Scrolls: Blades really piqued our interest.  Elder Scrolls Blades is a first-person RPG adventure in which you play as a member of the Blades, “the empire’s top agents”. According to Bethesda’s Todd Howard, the game will see you coming back from a mission only to find your home completely destroyed. In your quest to find out who’s responsible for this destruction, you’ll be sent off into exile and go through dungeons that are both procedurally generated and pre-created by Bethesda.

Many people think that mobile gaming is of poor quality, but you’ll be surprised to see the console-quality graphics that are offered in this game.  You can play the game by holding your phone horizontally (like most games of this nature), but Bethesda is also going to let you go through the whole thing with your phone in portrait mode – which is kind of cool.  Eventually, this game will make its way to PCs, consoles and even VR headsets, but it will first launch as a mobile game for iOS and Android this fall.  And we couldn’t be more excited.

Gears Pop!

Microsoft used its E3 conference to announce a mobile spin-off game of Gears of War – Gears Pop!  Microsoft has partnered with Funko in order to create Gears Pop!, and you get to play with versions of the popular Gears of War characters.  There isn’t a lot of information about Gears Pop!, but Microsoft has confirmed that it will be available for Android and iOS at some point in 2019.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

In other news, The Elder Scrolls: Legends has gained a pretty large following since it first launched last year.  Bethesda announced at this year’s E3 that another major update isn’t too far away.  Which means, there will be brand new cards to collect and battle with.  There will also be a new story for campaign mode. The company has even announced that it would have versions for the PS4 and XBox, which will be available later this year.

Fallout Shelter

Last, but not least, you can now rekindle your love for Fallout Shelter, as it will be comign to a new device – the Nintendo Switch.  If you were a fan of Fallout Shelter on iOS, you can now also play it on the Nintendo Switch.  It is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now.  Not only that, but the game will be available on PS4 later this year, in celebration of its third anniversary.