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Have you heard this insane statistic?  There are over a 1.5 million iOS apps, and the number just keeps growing every day.  More apps keep getting added, so it’s next to impossible to keep up.  Today is your lucky day because you don’t have to.  Check out all the new and updated apps that have been added to the App Store in June.

gemini photos

Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos is a new iPhone app from MacPaw, and it uses machine learning in order to help you to clean up your library.  This is certainly something that I think I could use in order to clean up some storage on my iPhone.  This new app is the first iOS app from MacPaw (CleanMyMac3 and Gemini 2 – both for Mac).  Similar to Gemini for Mac, Gemini Photos for iOS specializes in finding similar images and even photos that it believes may be duplicate so that you can trim down your photo library. Gemini Photos uses a “smart machine learning algorithm” to group photos that are duplicates or similar while saving what it detects are the best versions of those photos. The app even analyzes photos to detect blurry images, screenshots, and pictures of text that were likely meant as reminders and not to save forever.

Gemini Photos is free to download, but if you want unlimited access you’ll have to pay $1.99 per month, or $11.99 a year.  You can also opt for a one-time purchase of $14.99.



Views is a whole new way to interact with the news you want to see. Choose a variety of categories ranging from US Politics to Sports to Technology. With a modern design, Views gathers the latest news articles from more than 20 of the world’s most reputable sources and puts them straight into your pocket (and on your wrist if you’ve got an Apple Watch). Featured stories are delivered on bold, simple cards that stand out from the background to catch your attention, with stories from categories that you find interesting. Views is built for speed, and everything is delivered and refreshed quickly.


BetterMe: Meditation

I am a big fan of meditation and deep breathing exercises.  I think that it can help people in tremendous ways.  But we all have busy lives, and it’s difficult to take the time that we need in order to relax.  Which is why apps like Better:Me Meditation is exactly what we need.  Take a few minutes out of each day to bring yourself to a state of calm, wellness and balance.  The techniques are incredibly simple, and practical.  Literally, anyone can do it. Not only that, you will learn to manage the stress in your life to improve your overall health.  What’s not to love?  The deep breathing exercises that are used in the app stem from the Pranayam approach.  Pranayama is a Sanskrit word referring to regulating your breathing for health benefits. It is an ancient Indian practice which is broken into 3 phases of breath manipulation. The phases are inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

If you’re into art, then is the app for you.  It’s now available for both your iPhone and your iPad.  This app is a great way to really get into the world of visual art.  It lets you browse a wide catalog of art, and then purchase them.  You can even use the Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView in order to plan out a customized gallery wall in your own personal space using augmented reality.

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