Minecraft! That should be enough to get your attention. The block-building game is an addiction to many around the world. Now it’s headed to Android devices but not before making a pitt stop on Sony’s Xperia Play. Incase you don’t know; Minecraft is a game that has taken off. While at first just a small beta game. It has now sold well over a million even though it is still not officially released.

The game is also headed to iOS devices later this year. Sony’s Xperia Play version will have an advantage over touch screen only devices because it has a gamepad. We don’t know when the game will come out but one thing that is known is that it will be a hit.

The game will be an exclusive to Sony’s Xperia Play for a little while. That extra time will help to get the device in front of the pack of other mobile phones. It is also some good PR for Sony who could use it right now.  Mojang the developer of Minecraft is holding an event at E3 where more information and hopefully hands on playtime will be taking place. I will be there so I will keep you updated as we get more information during the event.

By Rubens Saintel

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