Heat beat Bulls as expected. . Think about it for a moment, at 3:14 to go and the score 77-65. One would think the game is over but you would be wrong. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade went on a 18 point run to come back. Let’s not give too much credit to the Heat. The Bulls did not score and gave away the ball via turn overs.  Now that the Bulls are out of it what will happen in the off season. Hopefully they get Rose some help to offload the scoring. Not another cutter but someone that can make their own shot or attract the defense a little.

The Finals are set and will be Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks. As I said yesterday it is clear that the finals would be Dallas Vs. Miami. The only thing left to debate is how many games will it take for Miami to win the ring. I know what you are thinking; Dallas has Dirk “I can make any shot” Nowitzki but so what? The same thing that happen to the Bulls will happen to Dallas. They will have an unfair match on their hands. The whole series will be Dirk (1 person) vs. James & Wade (2 people) that is too much to ask anyone to take on. Even for a great player like Dirk.  Kidd and J.J. are good players but not good enough to match up with the Heat talent.

By Rubens Saintel

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3 thoughts on “Heat beat Bulls as expected. The Finals are set and will be Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks”
  1. Like the Thunder, the Bulls have to go through growing pains, the Heat will be to them what the Bad Boys were to the late 80s Bulls.

    Defining win for this Heat team. Looking forward to the 2006 finals rematch too. It should be the best NBA Finals in recent memory. I can’t call it though; maybe after game 1.

    They have also gone from 1-6 against the Bulls and Celtics to 8-2; one of the biggest turnaround in the last 30 years.


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